Warning Signs

Waking up the day after Valentine’s Day was stressful this year. The shooting in South Florida inundated yesterday’s news. Horrifically, 17 young people died and many more hospitalized. Americans are praying for all of the families.

The shooting happened because of an individual who had mental problems. Of course, the Democrat and liberal left will cry out it all happened because of guns. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Democrats and the left are always quick to point fingers at the NRA, the Second Amendment, hunters, target shooters, and concealed carry advocates. The truth is they should take their fingers, turn them around, and point them directly at themselves. They are far more culpable in this situation than any person on the other side of the argument.


If you have to ask why, or if you don’t know the answer to the question, you might be part of the problem.

In almost every case of someone using a gun to commit violence, there have been warning signs. In many cases such as this one, there were multiple warning signs. Unfortunately, those warning signs went unheeded.


Again, if you don’t know the answer or you have to ask, you are the problem.

You are part of the problem on two counts. First, you know nothing about guns. Secondly, you advocate political correctness.

On the first point, those who know nothing about weapons tend to have an emotional, visceral, and illogical reaction when they see an actual weapon. They have an unnatural fear of guns.

We again come back to that question, why? Why do so many fear guns?

If asked, “Do you fear cars?” The answer is probably no. Similarly, if they were questioned about their fear of alcohol, again, the answer is also no.


Because they know how to drive, they know almost everything about cars, and how they operate. They know how to service their vehicles, and cars get them to both pleasurable events and work.

When it comes to alcohol, most know how to control their drinking, and they know about the dangers of drinking too much.

Most do not fear cars or alcoholic beverages, yet a drunk driver behind the wheel of a car is probably the most dangerous situation to face on the highway.

Every gun owner will tell you there’s nothing to fear about a gun. If you know how it works, how to clean it, how to handle it correctly, it becomes nothing more than a tool. Early Americans used them daily to put food on the table. It’s a tool. Once you learn about it, it is no longer fearful.

On the second count of why the liberal left is responsible for yesterday‘s events, it boils down to political correctness. Because the liberals have declared no one can say something bad about others without being charged with labels of racism, homophobia, sexism, anti-Muslimism, intolerance, or a host of other labels, our society has changed from one that once kicked ass and took no names into a culture of absolute wimps.

Here’s the problem: The wimps want protection from the wolves, but they also want to deny others the tools to do that job. There are police, veterans, first responders, and others inclined to serve and to protect the innocent, those who would prefer not to carry a gun for their protection. But the wimps want the protection. And they mistakenly think that taking away all guns will afford such protection.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Just ask the citizens of Australia. After the government confiscated all the legal weapons, violent crime and murder immediately increased.

The Dems and liberal left do not understand the concept that if the government confiscates guns, the only firearms collected will come from law-abiding citizens. The criminals are not about to turn in their weapons because firearms are the tools of their trade. So, do you think murders, robberies, and mass shootings will magically come to a glorious end because the government took away guns from the good people?

No. Crimes will never go away. Ever. It is a problem with the hearts of some; not guns.

If you want to stop mass shootings in schools, there is only one way to do it. Eliminate all “Gun Free Zones.” Competent, ethical citizens (including teachers), should be allowed to carry everywhere. It has worked for the Israelis very well – after all, they have had no instances of classroom shootings.

If there had been just one teacher with a concealed carry license carrying his or her weapon at school yesterday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, more than likely the death toll would not have reached 17.


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Amusing in New York

It’s amusing to watch television commercials from the state of New York trying to sell the rest of the country on the benefits of moving into or starting a business in the Empire State. The state is offering deals including no taxes for ten years to those who would open a company in New York.

At the same time, current residents are running away in droves because of the extremely high taxes. This begs the question, how can state officials offer tax breaks to one group of people and not to others.

Giving tax arbitrary breaks to one faction of the population is horrible. For whatever reason, the local state government determined the residents would have to pay taxes, which many would deem too costly or unnecessary. And for the most part, the citizens have no voice or control over what is happening to them. Can you say, Boston Tea Party?

By the time a New York citizen pays all of the federal, state, and local taxes, less than half their paycheck remains. Of the remaining, much of that goes to heating the house through the winter. Between taxes and power, not much remains on which to live. So, it’s no real surprise that many locals are running away as fast as they can.

New York isn’t the only region of the country alarmingly bleeding taxpayers. Illinois and California are also experiencing a phenomenal rate of departing residents. According to IRS tracking of taxpayers, Florida is permanently gaining a bit over 130,000 new residents per year. The liberals would have you believe those are the retirees following the sun to the Sunshine State. Not so, only 46 percent of the new arrivals are over the age of 55. The other 70,000 fall in the 26 to 35 age group.

Problems facing Californians include skyrocketing local taxes, unchecked illegal immigration, and overpriced real estate. An interesting comment by a recently departed longtime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area was that even professionals with high wages could no longer afford proper housing.

She then went on to point out the problems of unchecked immigrant growth and crime, explicitly referring to the Kate Steinle murder. It is very evident the state’s leadership is not concerned with keeping the average citizen safe. So, after having lived in the Bay Area for more than 35 years, she quit her job, packed up, and headed back to her original home of Tennessee.

You would think these states, all of which regard themselves as “sanctuary states,” would do something to protect and retain their residents. But they don’t. In addition to the states losing their residents at an appalling rate being sanctuary havens for criminals, there is one other common denominator among them. Can’t figure it out?

They have all been lead by Democrats for many decades, which says it all about the party in a nutshell.

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An Interesting Evening

It indeed appears as though the feces has hit the fan. The Democrat machine is completely falling apart and what an exciting turn of events, too.

It is now becoming apparent that Hillary Clinton and everyone working for her could face jail time. They lied, and they connived, and they tried to pass off false information about President Donald Trump and the Russians. It appears as though everything they produced was untrue. It is readily apparent to most that they have really screwed up.

There is little question the guilt in this fiasco goes all the way to the top of the previous presidency. More than likely, many in Obama’s administration are probably worrying about the possibility of actually being charged, tried, and sentenced for felony crimes. It has been amusing over the past few weeks watching individual members of the Democratic Party freak out.

When Nancy Pelosi faced the press last weekend when interviewed on CNN by Chris Cuomo, she seemed more nervous than an asthmatic with diarrhea and a hacking cough. She couldn’t answer the questions, and it was apparent she was upset with the interview. For his part, Cuomo pursued trying to get to the truth while Pelosi continued to rely on the old political practice of deflection.

On the screen, she appeared irritated and scared. There’s probably many more Democrats who also feel the same.

These are fascinating times we are living in right now. History has never seen such scandal in American politics. The Obama-Clinton scandals are the worst ever; Watergate pales in comparison.

We have heard little from Obama, and in fact, there have been reports that he has “lawyered-up.” Why would he feel the need to do that? There must be something very sinister in his recent past for him to feel compelled to retain legal counsel. A few things come to mind: Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of conservatives, increasing the national debt by an amount more significant than all of the previous presidents combined, Benghazi, the Clinton email scandal, association with the Black Panthers, the Solyndra debacle, his failed department of justice, the gift of hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran in addition to allowing them to become a nuclear power, and more.

Everything in the previous paragraph can be considered as acts of treason. Maybe Obama has a good reason to “lawyer-up.”

For those who are who are paying attention, it is apparent many of the Democratic Party do not want the FISA memo to be released. One has to wonder why. What could possibly be making so many people so nervous about one little memo being released to the public?

In her interview with Cuomo, Pelosi became argumentative, stuttering, and speechless. She appeared as if she was someone who was very frightened of something. And she’s not the only Democrat displaying this behavior.

This will make for a very intense State of the Union tonight.

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Be Careful Going to Dinner

Ok, we are quickly reaching a tipping point. Most Americans are more than willing to step up to help those who need help, but it is now time for the wall. Last month, Eulalio Miniz Orozco, also known as Ricardo Velasquez-Romero, stabbed another person in a California restaurant in Santa Rosa. He has been sent back to Mexico seven times in the past. Seven! Now, the mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, reports that she is willing to go to jail in defense of the city’s sanctuary status.

Many of us think the mayor is an absolute moron! Maybe the real question we should ask is, “Are you willing to face a murder charge for anyone killed by an illegal immigrant you and your administration allowed into the country?” That is a much more pertinent question than asking her if she were merely willing to go to jail for her policies.

The death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco is another horrible example of good intentions gone wrong. The fact that a jury acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of the crime is an absolute travesty. Many of us wonder how that trial could have possibly gone more wrong.

The stabbing in Santa Rosa and the death of Kate Steinle is not even the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other injuries and deaths caused by illegal immigrants that it makes sense as to how President Trump was elected. We get it. He gets it. That is why the majority of Americans elected him as our president.

When the liberals decry immigration policy, when they say it is horrific, they show us images of cute little babies being raised by single mothers. You know, we get that. But here’s the deal. It’s not the cute little babies and their moms we’re talking about. Criminals are coming into the country at an alarming rate and they are killing our fellow citizens.

What the moronic left doesn’t understand is that one day, one of those fellow citizens killed will be a member of their family. It will be their mother, their brother, a sister, father, their child, or a cousin.

And here is the failure of the liberal left sense of logic: the deaths of their family members will be all of their fault. And they still won’t get it! Their abilities in logic are so flawed they will assign blame for their relative’s death to anyone but themselves.

When the next death happens at the hands of an illegal immigrant in Oakland, federal authorities need to bust into Mayor Schaaf’s office and arrest her on a charge of murder. It will be the only way the liberals will come to understand what is at stake.

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Millennial Anguish

Most of the millennials want to make $15 an hour doing whatever it is they do. There is a problem, however, given that most of them are not worth $15 an hour. Recent reports in various publications stated many of the younger set believe capitalism is too competitive in which to compete. This is a direct result of what they learned in their left-leaning classrooms in public school, starting with kindergarten and remaining persistent through grad school.

This is what we can expect as a result of everyone winning a trophy for participation.

So now we have a whole generation of young people who lean toward socialism and communism because they are ill-equipped to compete in the real world. They rant and rave about the benefits of socialism, but they have no idea how it works. Even more alarming is the idea that most of the millennials have no clue as to where the money comes from to finance socialism.

Additionally, they truly are a hypocritical lot. They are fine with accepting money from big government programs, but they are not keen on contributing a portion of their money to fund of those same programs.

They don’t understand social programs are funded by people who work. The problem with most millennials is that they do not want to work. They just want the money. They never learned in school the meaning of being productive and contributing to society. They really are a generation of “takers.”

Not only are they a generation of takers, they expect everyone else to pay into a system to provide for them. Many feel as though they are “entitled“ to much of what they receive from the government. Essentially they became accustomed to their parents paying their way all the time.

Many of those parents believed their little angels would become productive members of society at some point. Unfortunately, such is no longer the case. At the same time, many of the millennial children have turned on their parents. Now the parents of those millennials are recognizing their failures as parents while at the same time, tiring of their offspring‘s bad behavior. Apparently they are over paying for their kids.

So are all of the rest of us.

For the millennials, this will not end well. Their parents did not prepare them properly enough to face life. Once this discourse between their generation and their parents generation becomes full, the millennial’s will be on the losing end of the stick.

The older generations are tired of paying for perfectly capable, healthy individuals who refuse to work. At some point, they will decide to stop working for money, which causes them to have to pay taxes. In other words, they are going to start living on what they have saved, rather than collect a paycheck and pay payroll taxes.

This will leave the millennial’s out in the cold – much to their chagrin.

There are too many hard-working Americans who do without luxuries in life to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. For them to pay taxes so that a millennial can have a free cell phone or food stamps, is a travesty.

If you are a millennial working at a fast food joint, in retail, or wherever for minimum-wage, get off your ass, learn some skills, and work hard. When you do that, you will advance and make a lot more than $15 an hour.

And here’s the real pay off. You will gain much more in self-confidence.

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We Are at War

If you do not believe we are in the middle of a war with radical Islam, what would you call it? For many, particularly for those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, it really does feel like a war. The big difference between what those veterans experienced in the Middle East and what is happening now, is that the battlefield has shifted from Afghanistan to the United States.

Seriously, if you are a liberal and you want “to coexist“ with immigrants, you need to have your head examined. There is a big difference between immigrants from France, Germany, Japan, the Philippines, Ireland, or perhaps Great Britain, than many from the Middle East.

As we witnessed on the last day of October in New York City, this is a war that will not end – until we take action. For those Democrats and other liberals who believe in open borders, you really need to take a serious look at the situation and analyze it for what it is. If you do, you will quickly realize a policy of open borders is not a viable option during these times. Just ask Angela Merkel.

Merkel and other European leaders are coming to the grave conclusion they have made serious mistakes in allowing single Middle Eastern men between the ages of 18 and 40 into their countries. Those “refugees” are behaving badly, they are raping innocent girls and women, they are increasing crime, and destroying property wherever they settle.

This begs the commonsense question, why allow this to happen?

The independents and conservatives are tired of what is going on. Putting up with the insane lack of common sense on the part of Democrats and liberals is coming to a quick end. Anyone who believes Middle Eastern men should be allowed into the United States without extreme vetting needs to have their head examined.

If you are a Democrat or one of those extreme liberals who believe we should allow people from the Middle East into our nation – here’s a clue – they are coming here to kill us.

And here is another bit of ugly truth: Many are already in our country just waiting for the word to attack.

Chuck Schumer and other far-left liberal Democrats have put us in a very bad situation. If you are an independent thinker or you are a conservative, you know this to be true. Unfortunately, the Democrats are not using their heads and they are not doing the right thing for their constituents, their neighbors, their friends, and yes, even their families. They will continue to put all of us at risk for their ideological pursuits. Unfortunately, Schumer and his colleagues will not realize this until someone in their immediate family is is caught in an attack and gravely injured or killed.

Even then, there is a high likelihood that the extreme left-leaning legislators still won’t “get it.”

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Obama’s Legacy

We are living it now. This, the Obama “legacy.” The world that Obama left us following his presidency can be described in a single word – horrific.

What did he leave America, besides a falling standard of living, higher unemployment, a weaker dollar, more Americans on food stamps in the history of the nation, the lowest GDP growth ever, record debt, and more? He left a society in which almost half cannot accept the consequences of an election. Mr. Obama’s “legacy,” includes a group of people who believe violence is okay.

He left and basically told his followers it is permissible to do violence if you do not get what you want. He also said the cops are bad people. He turned a blind eye to those who would injure and kill law enforcement officers.

He negotiated with the enemy, paying millions of dollars in ransom to Iran – and then gave them nuclear capability.

America woke up. The citizenry became fed up. The majority saw what Obama and his democratic party were trying to do to the nation. Americans decided it was time to take action and lawfully tossed many of the democrats out of office. The problem is that the dead and liberals cannot accept it.

The democrats were incensed. They could not believe they lost their power in Washington. Now the liberal left and the Democrats have gone completely insane.

Today we are seeing violence on our college campuses over the First Amendment. The Second Amendment remains under attack by the left, which would make it easier to kill police officers, if the liberals were successful at eliminating our ability to protect ourselves with weapons.

The police are being murdered in record numbers. Doing drugs is now considered okay. Crime has increased with criminals favored over victims in many liberal courts.

This is Obama’s “legacy.”

Everyone is slowly becoming aware of what the democrats have done to this nation. If you are a democrat and you agree with the violence and obstructionism happening in the nation today, you are the problem.

If you agree with Black Lives Matter, if you are Antifa, if you stand with those who would do violence – you are the problem.

And here’s something you should keep in mind: This is Obama’s “legacy” – to tear down the nation. You are working very hard to do that.

Now here’s a question everyone would love to hear you, the leftists and democrats, answer. If you are successful in destroying the nation, where does that leave you in the end?

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