Obviously all those things are false

Jim Acosta of CNN was in Tampa reporting on President Trump’s Florida visit. His reporting was pretty outrageous. It was apparent he failed to understand what was going on, and he defiantly told Wolf Blitzer that he was going to continue reporting regardless of what the Floridians around him were chanting.

Acosta told Blitzer the people were saying bad things about CNN. “…there is a chorus of boos and other chants in this Trump crowd.”

Acosta said he heard things like “CNN sucks,” “go home,” and of course the favorite public reflection on CNN as a purveyor of “fake news.”

Acosta vowed to continue reporting on the event regardless of what he was hearing from the crowd around him. Good for him, he is at least trying to do his job. He told Blitzer that he was going to keep reporting news about the Tampa rally to all of their viewers. To which Blitzer replied, “As you should, all right Jim.”

Acosta and Blitzer, their bosses, and those who work underneath them at CNN are utterly clueless. They do not understand most of America has lost faith in our media. They fail to realize that many Americans are gathering news from other sources (from beyond our borders) to get a clear picture of what is going on in our nation. One of the most critical aspects of CNN and other liberal media outlets is their lack of understanding that we, the people, have caught them lying to us. Hence the concept of “fake news.”

Various media organizations need to understand that we are tired of it, which is why we are tuning them out. They don’t get the concept that many of the public believe their reporting is totally unreliable. Particularly on the part of CNN. Consequently, their news reporting is not worth a plug nickel. (As reflected in the ratings…)

President Trump has done a masterful job in helping the average American out of the slump Obama put us in. The mainstream media continues to report everything they can dig up detrimental to this President’s administration.

The liberal press is doing all they possibly can to prevent President Trump’s success. Many liberals have voiced the opinion that if it takes a recession and the suffering of the American people, then so be it. They are actually betting against us! Looking for us to writhe in the agony of failed finances. The truth is, it is the elitist left that is suffering the consequences of financial ruin. Hollywood’s movies are flopping, the big three TV networks are failing, and leftwing newspapers are losing advertising and subscription revenues at a phenomenal rate. Breaking news for all of you running the leftist media machine — we are not going to put up with it.

In his discussion with Blitzer, Acosta made the remark, “Obviously all those things are false.” This pertained to what the people around him were chanting about CNN, the mainstream media, and liberals in general.

No, Jim, all those things are not false. And here’s a news scoop for you… When November comes, there will be no “blue wave.” The news that evening will be very reminiscent of the 2016 election when all the leftist media hacks sat around crying on the air. The majority of us are tired of putting up with what you believe is “news.” You are lying to us, and we have caught you in the lies, and we’re done with it.

And here’s another newsflash for you: President Trump will win his reelection bid in 2020.

Count on it.

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The Connection

Something is seriously wrong with the county school systems in every state of the country. Teachers are unable to do their jobs because of a few disruptive students. Many students lack the motivation, desire, and excitement to learn. The majority do not like to read. When confronted, parents rail at the teachers rather than looking for solutions to their children’s problems. Or they place the blame on the teachers, rather than looking in the mirror at the actual cause of the problem. When the parents complain, the administration backs the parents rather than the teachers. This tends to push our really good teachers closer to the private sector.

And then you have the bullying issue, which, unfortunately, tends to turn very ugly.

All of these factors combined tend to turn many young people off from school. This is a shame because the more you know, the more you realize the world is a really beautiful place. The more education you have, the better you can see what is really happening in the world. Additionally, there tends to be a correlation between wages and knowledge. The more you know, usually the more money you make.

Because many kids are treated horribly in the school system, there is a tendency for them to shy away from school. That’s sad. But not nearly as disturbing as the concern they are not getting any sort of education before they are out the door as dropouts or subpar graduates. Dropouts and ill-prepared graduates are not suitable for the country.

Looking at the dismal news about our educational system brings up the question, how do we fix this? It’s a hard question to answer. Many young parents today are asking themselves this question on a daily basis. A good percentage of them have come to the conclusion that parochial schools, private institutions, and homeschooling are the only real answers to our failing school systems.

One significant problem with the public educational system is overcrowding. When you place so many students in a confined space, yes, they are difficult to manage, and it tends to lead to flaring tempers—hence, the bullying. There is also the question of influence; unfortunately, it is not the excellent student influencing the bad students, it is always the other way around.

So why do we have all these problems in our public schools?

Is there a possible connection between poor behavior and the lack of God’s influence in the school system? Might some students who don’t quite grasp the higher concepts of math, physics, English, science, and other pre-college courses do better if they had some other outlet, such as shop? Band? Cooperative education? Business internships? Life-courses? Oh, wait! Those are no longer in the curriculum.

So we have a lot of students, just kids, packed into a confined space with access to social media. Kids who also lack life-coping skills because we no longer teach those. Not at home, or in the classroom, which means the bullies are not stopped, and the victims do not know how to handle the situation.

Are you, perhaps, seeing the connection for disaster here? Many are now recognizing that real connection very clearly. It tends to manifest itself in catastrophe. It is quite obvious.

If you still don’t see the disaster of this educational problem, search the Internet with terms like, “Sandyhook,” “Parkland,” and “Santa Fe.”

By the way, confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens is not the answer. If you feel it is the answer, then perhaps you did not study history, civics, or government well enough while you were a student in school yourself.

And you certainly do not have faith in the good people who are your neighbors, one of whom may very well stop a shooter from hurting your spouse, child, parent, or yourself, should the need arise. If that were to happen, would you still feel as though he or she should have his lawfully registered and concealed gun confiscated?

Probably not. But be careful of hypocrisy.

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California Unrest

It appears as though the Democrats in California have entirely lost their minds. Each day more Californians are attacking their Democratic leaders for maintaining positions of protecting illegal aliens over the rights and well-being of citizens. Yet, the Democrats continue their stance on open borders, protecting illegal aliens, and sanctuary status.

As each day passes, more people in California have become fed up and are raising their voices in protest of the Democrats leading their government.  These residents have a healthy dose of common sense. They see reality. They understand what is going on. Still, many state and local government leaders persist in their asinine sanctuary policies.

Politics in California have gone from “odd” to “bizarre” to “unreal” to “absolutely unbelievable.” In the United States, more than 285 million people who do not live in California are wondering what the 39.7 million residents of California were thinking when they went down this path. With a little bit of analytical investigation, it becomes apparent that Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego and other metropolitan coastal communities, which comprise about a third of the total California population, have dominated Californian politics.

The people who live in those urban communities of California, as with the coastal communities on the East Coast, believe they are far superior to the rest of us. They would like to dominate the way government is run. They honestly think they know better than the majority of Californians and the rest of us. Hence, their propensity to elect Democrats.

The problem with electing Democrats is the fact that the Democratic Party has been failing for the last 50 years. This truth is very evident in democratically controlled strongholds such as Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC, St. Louis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities and counties controlled by Democrat governors, mayors, and councils.

In areas controlled by the Democratic Party, taxes are high. The economy is flat. Homelessness abounds. Crime is out of control. Property tax revenues are down. And now we have to deal with “sanctuary status.”

Many have questioned what is going on with the Democrats. Their leadership style does not include taking care of their constituency. They truly are out for their own good in the context of money and power. They do not have the best interest of the country, the people, or our future in mind.

The extreme nut jobs in the California Democrat party want to secede from the union. Maybe it is time to let that happen. If it does, the United States will be forced to take in two-thirds of the Californians as legitimate immigrants—immigrants fleeing for financial reasons.

If California secession were to happen, Congress would need to take a look at a couple of issues. One would be the absolute prohibition of any financial aid to the newly formed country. The other would be the relocation of that wall to prevent illegal Californians from coming into the United States of America.

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Walking for the 2A

Yesterday, many students around the country walked out of their classrooms in support of the Second Amendment. How refreshing! These are the students who have a sense of history, knowledge of the Second Amendment, understand the Constitution, and are the future of this nation. Unlike their liberal classmates, these young people can think and reason correctly.

Where did those abilities come from? No question – it was their parents.

It certainly was not their teachers. These young people garnered their sense of propriety from their parents or through their independent research into the importance of those concepts. Unfortunately for all of us, the public school system is filled with many liberal teachers who not only lack common sense, they continually foist liberal ideology on their charges. Not all teachers, but too many.

Because of this, many parents are opting to homeschool, send their children to parochial schools, charter schools, or seek other options for their children’s education. As a result, the public school system moves closer to failure each day.

Liberal teachers refuse to inform students that freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and that each of us has the right to bear arms built this country. It is that last caveat, the right to bear arms, which allows us to keep all the other freedoms in place.

Additionally, they refuse to teach students how our government works, but they have no problem teaching socialism or communism to our children. Something else that has come up recently is that teaching from the Bible or speaking about it in school is prohibited. However, discussions of the Koran is okay. This is very wrong.

The liberals’ agenda includes converting as many young people as possible to socialism, communism, or Sharia law. Teaching capitalism, teaching that we live in a free society, teaching history — all is taboo for the liberals. Consequently, we have this horrible division in our population.

The amusing thing about this division is that when you discuss any of these topics with a liberal, they tend to lose their minds when presented with facts. They are unable to use simple logic, and they base all of their decision making on their heart. Now, there is nothing wrong with making decisions based on compassion to help the less fortunate. There comes the point, however, at which logic and common sense are necessary for the greater good.

And that is where the educational system has failed our children and us. They are not teaching common sense, they are not teaching logic, and they certainly are not teaching history and the importance of our way of life. It is time to think about alternatives to the public school system, or as some conservative radio talk show hosts refer to it, “the government school system.” It is time to stop paying such a high price for liberal indoctrination in the public school system.

We are fortunate indeed, to have some students stand bravely head-and-shoulders above their weak-kneed classmates. There is no question these students will be the leaders in our future. They will be the strong sheepdogs who will stand the watch protecting the sheep from the wolves.

(If you do not understand the metaphor of sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves, please take a moment to read Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s excellent essay at https://www.killology.com/sheep-wolves-and-sheepdogs.)

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The California Governor Has Lost It

It was fascinating watching Governor Jerry Brown on television April 19, 2018. He accused FoxNews of fake news. He suggested President Trump was treating immigrants horribly. He inferred the state of California was dealing with the immigrant problem as humanely is possible. Indeed, he is doing a great deal to protect immigrants. Never mind that they are “illegal.”

In the state of California, the numbers are shifting considerably. More than half the people are no longer interested in “sanctuary status.” They want to get rid of it. They are more interested in protecting their own rather than criminals. Take a look at all of the lawsuits now in process against the state government by various counties and municipalities.

There is no question Californians are fed up. Governor Brown and his administration are protecting the illegals – at the cost of the safety of his citizens. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

When and where you can tell this is not right, is when Brown engages the media who ask him questions about his policies. He immediately becomes loud, mad, and defensive. The only reason anyone would act such a way is when they realize they are in the wrong and everyone around them knows it. In short, they are caught red-handed.

There is no common sense to be found anywhere in the state government. Additionally, they are all a bunch of hypocrites. Every one of them. Many believe those sitting in the high halls of California government make decisions impacting many of the people, but so far they have not suffered the same consequences others have experienced.

In other words, so far, their child, their wife, their husband, their mother, their father, their cousins, all, have not been killed or injured by an illegal immigrant. If an illegal killed one of their family members died like Kate Steinle or any number of another group of citizens murdered or maimed by drunk illegals, perhaps they would not be voting the way they have voted. Maybe they would be working as hard as possible to round up the illegal immigrants and send them back to wherever they came from.

An immigrant coming to this country purposefully and through proper channels is coming here for a better life, not a life of crime. They are going to make contributions to this country, and our lives and theirs will benefit. These are the people we want coming to America. We don’t want addicted drug users, rapists, murderers, and gang members. These are the people who need to be turned away at the border, or captured if they have already snuck in.

The liberal left, however, would have you believe those being kept out are innocent children and single mothers. They will show photographs of cute children and young women. These are the ones who need help, but they need to be adequately processed into the system.

Those who need to be kept out are the violent, non-contributing freeloaders trying to game the system.

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The Idiocy of Their Actions

The state of California has hit the lowest point ever regarding fiscal responsibility, taxation, land valuation, and the protection of its citizens. Today, many Californians no longer feel safe in their state. They have no security. Indeed, last year 138,000 residents fled the Golden State citing high costs, a sense of being in danger, of feeling as though non-residents are overrunning them, and a fear of being shot, much in the manner of what happened to Kate Steinle.

In recent news, Oakland mayor, Libby Schaaf, warned many of her constituents that immigration officials would soon raid parts of her city. She, and many liberals like her, have put the citizens who elected them to office in grave peril. They are taking the side of the immigrants over long time, American residents. They are giving away funds to fence-jumpers who have never donated a dime to the system, a system in which older Americans helped create by paying into Social Security over their lifetimes. Now as those Americans who invested into this fund are in need of the money, which the government was supposed to manage for them, they are being told Social Security is going broke. Why is Social Security going broke? Because of liberal lunatics giving away our money. It’s true what they say about liberals – they are great at using other peoples’ money for their agendas.

There is something seriously wrong with the leadership in California. Governor Jerry Brown takes great pride in his state being “a sanctuary state.“ Californians pay the highest tax rates, the price of housing is some of the highest in the nation, and the people continue to elect government officials who continue to take them down this scary path. Essentially, the majority of Californians could be considered idiots for voting in their present leadership. The smart ones who are able are leaving.

Those who are unable, or the few who want to stay and fight, are taking on the state in legal action. They are joining the federal government in a lawsuit against the governor, certain mayors, and the state of California fighting the sanctuary status so many of the leadership want to maintain. Good for the citizens, but they have an uphill battle.

The governor, and mayors the likes of Schaaf, clearly are putting the citizens of California in danger. They have a misguided sense of humanity; they think they are helping children and single mothers with their concept of allowing immigrants into the nation. In reality, the immigrants coming across the fence are not helpless children and single mothers; many are, in fact, criminals.

There is evidence that some of those coming across the border are our sworn enemies. Yet the Liberals continue to allow undocumented aliens into the nation. Eventually, this will bite them in the ass in more ways than one.

At some point, one of the liberals who are foisting these unwanted policies on us by allowing criminals into our country will become a victim of their own inept policies. Sooner or later, their child, their parent, or their brother or sister will fall victim to an untimely death at the hands of an illegal alien. It will only be then, when it strikes into the center of their family, will they begin to realize the idiocy of their actions.


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Warning Signs

Waking up the day after Valentine’s Day was stressful this year. The shooting in South Florida inundated yesterday’s news. Horrifically, 17 young people died and many more hospitalized. Americans are praying for all of the families.

The shooting happened because of an individual who had mental problems. Of course, the Democrat and liberal left will cry out it all happened because of guns. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Democrats and the left are always quick to point fingers at the NRA, the Second Amendment, hunters, target shooters, and concealed carry advocates. The truth is they should take their fingers, turn them around, and point them directly at themselves. They are far more culpable in this situation than any person on the other side of the argument.


If you have to ask why, or if you don’t know the answer to the question, you might be part of the problem.

In almost every case of someone using a gun to commit violence, there have been warning signs. In many cases such as this one, there were multiple warning signs. Unfortunately, those warning signs went unheeded.


Again, if you don’t know the answer or you have to ask, you are the problem.

You are part of the problem on two counts. First, you know nothing about guns. Secondly, you advocate political correctness.

On the first point, those who know nothing about weapons tend to have an emotional, visceral, and illogical reaction when they see an actual weapon. They have an unnatural fear of guns.

We again come back to that question, why? Why do so many fear guns?

If asked, “Do you fear cars?” The answer is probably no. Similarly, if they were questioned about their fear of alcohol, again, the answer is also no.


Because they know how to drive, they know almost everything about cars, and how they operate. They know how to service their vehicles, and cars get them to both pleasurable events and work.

When it comes to alcohol, most know how to control their drinking, and they know about the dangers of drinking too much.

Most do not fear cars or alcoholic beverages, yet a drunk driver behind the wheel of a car is probably the most dangerous situation to face on the highway.

Every gun owner will tell you there’s nothing to fear about a gun. If you know how it works, how to clean it, how to handle it correctly, it becomes nothing more than a tool. Early Americans used them daily to put food on the table. It’s a tool. Once you learn about it, it is no longer fearful.

On the second count of why the liberal left is responsible for yesterday‘s events, it boils down to political correctness. Because the liberals have declared no one can say something bad about others without being charged with labels of racism, homophobia, sexism, anti-Muslimism, intolerance, or a host of other labels, our society has changed from one that once kicked ass and took no names into a culture of absolute wimps.

Here’s the problem: The wimps want protection from the wolves, but they also want to deny others the tools to do that job. There are police, veterans, first responders, and others inclined to serve and to protect the innocent, those who would prefer not to carry a gun for their protection. But the wimps want the protection. And they mistakenly think that taking away all guns will afford such protection.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Just ask the citizens of Australia. After the government confiscated all the legal weapons, violent crime and murder immediately increased.

The Dems and liberal left do not understand the concept that if the government confiscates guns, the only firearms collected will come from law-abiding citizens. The criminals are not about to turn in their weapons because firearms are the tools of their trade. So, do you think murders, robberies, and mass shootings will magically come to a glorious end because the government took away guns from the good people?

No. Crimes will never go away. Ever. It is a problem with the hearts of some; not guns.

If you want to stop mass shootings in schools, there is only one way to do it. Eliminate all “Gun Free Zones.” Competent, ethical citizens (including teachers), should be allowed to carry everywhere. It has worked for the Israelis very well – after all, they have had no instances of classroom shootings.

If there had been just one teacher with a concealed carry license carrying his or her weapon at school yesterday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, more than likely the death toll would not have reached 17.


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