Lost Florida

This is the first post of my blog, Lost Florida.

I am a Floridian through and through.  I came to Florida in 1959 when I was a child.  The Florida I came to and Florida as it is now, are two very different places.  I must tell you, the Old Florida was much nicer than the New Florida.

When we came to Florida, it was a time when life in general was slow and much safer.  We never locked the doors during the daylight hours and if we forgot to lock up at night, it was not such a big deal.  Today, however, if your doors are not locked you may very well be the victim of a home invasion.

I have listened to other Old Floridians talk of Florida when the state was pristine.  Some of the old timers have said there were two things that killed the state of Florida.  The first was air conditioning; I heard a lifelong Floridian say, “When they invented air conditionin’, the Yankees stopped going home in late spring.”

The other thing many of the old Floridians say hurt Florida horrifically were all of the tourist attractions which began springing up all over the state.  The oldsters used to tell a joke, about the northerners.  “Do you know how to tell the difference between a Yankee and a damn Yankee?” They would go on to explain a Yankee would come down to the Sunshine State and spend all their money at the attractions and on the beach, and then go home.  “A damn Yankee stays.”

My very best friend of almost 50 years is from New York.  He and his family have been here long enough to be considered Floridians.  He and his brothers were the first in the state, that I know of, who became concerned with the water table – long before was considered by anyone else. I also remember an incident in which he and I nearly got ourselves killed moving a gopher turtle across a busy road. He may be from up north, but he knows what is important for the state. What bothers me about some northerners who come to Florida is that they endanger all the rest of us.  And they do so with the attitude they know it all.

How do they do this?  In various ways.

For my next post, I will describe and explain one of the practices of people from up north which is extremely dangerous and unlawful.  Many from the Northeast, as well as from other states north of the Mason-Dixon Line, are absolutely ignorant about alligators.

Do not feed wild alligators!

Feeding wild alligators is very bad for you, for those of us who live here, and for the alligator.  And as I said, it is against the law.


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