Memorial Day 2010

The last Great War, World War II, ended 65 years ago. Now, the men and woman who won that war for us are reaching the end of their lives.

This generation, dubbed the Greatest Generation by journalist Tom Brokaw is passing on at an alarming rate. Many die here daily in the state of Florida, where they chose to live their last years.  As they pass, other Americans, now their grandchildren are stepping in and picking up their cause, aware of the importance of keeping the faith.

Thank God for these young men and women.

These young patriots are the Americans who understand the importance of the sacrifices of those who died that we may be free. We should not take this lightly, the way so many on the left have. They (the left) have completely lost track of what it means to be free.

Today, those of the left enjoy their time off and their picnics; and they give no thought about those who sacrificed on their behalf that they may enjoy their freedoms, their families, and their way of life.

Many in America today slept through their American History classes and government courses. They did not get it, if they read it or heard it in class, when they learned of Patrick Henry’s famous statement: “Give me liberty or give me death!”

What an impressive statement! It is a shame so many have no idea of what it means.
So many Americans have lived the good life for so long they do not realize what it would be like if they were to suddenly and actually – lose their freedoms.

They have lost their powers of imagination, being incapable of understanding how terrible life would be if they could not do what they wanted to do. If they suddenly had to ask permission to travel over to the next state. They would be incensed if someone told them how much they could spend and what and where they could spend their money.

Our fathers and grandfathers purchased and paid in full for these, and many more of our freedoms.  Many of these men came from Florida; for many others from the nation, their last training base was in Florida.

It would do us well not to forget, overlook, or take for granted everything these men, and the women who supported them, accomplished and gave us.

We need to remember and take a moment to say, “Thanks, Dad.” Or, “Thank you, Grandfather.”


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