The End?

Everyone contemplates The End, but no one is really able to actually put it into real words or emotions. After all, for most of us, it is too scary to think about.

There’s no way to really predict when, or how, we will each meet The End. Besides, there is too much living to do getting into the way of contemplating The End.

Every time you sit down and think about how The End will come, it is a pretty frightful idea. Some of the best minds of our times have failed in educating us with regard as to what to look for or to avoid. Some universities and other institutions, including churches and synagogues, have held classes in an attempt to educate us as to what the end will be like.

Still, we do not know. Or do we?

We may possibly be starting to have an idea of what is coming our way regarding the end of us.

Today, many are starting to think the horrible disaster in the Gulf of Mexico may very well spell The End for life on the planet as we used to know it.

Some marine scientists are painting a rather gloomy future for the seas, marine life, and humans in general.  Economists also predict doom and gloom in the financial sector as well as across the nation. But in particular, the Gulf Coast states will be hardest hit.

A pilot, who had flown along the Gulf beaches from Texas to Florida 20 years ago, once remarked on what he and his passengers witnessed from the lofty altitude of 1000 feet over the beaches.

Over the states of Florida and Alabama, the beaches were pure white; as if made of sugar or snow. Over the Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas sand, the beaches were already a dirty brown. Now, as a result of the shortcomings of BP, Alabama and Florida may also have “brown beaches.” And that is what it is – the “shortcomings” of BP.

There are other, harsher words which anyone could use to describe the operations of BP. But the facts speak for themselves – during the same period in which Exxon Mobile acquired only one written safety violation, BP collected over 700.

As we move into the third month of this catastrophe, BP’s partner companies are trying to distance themselves as far away from BP as possible. Anadarko Petroleum Corp., which is a minor partner with BP in the failed oil rig, accuses BP of “reckless decisions and actions,” according to news outlets.

Now, here is the interesting information: BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward sold off about one third of his holdings in BP stock – about a month before the disaster.  With the $2 million from the sale, he paid off his mansion. Goldman Sachs sold off 4.6 million shares of BP stock in the first quarter of 2010.

So we come back to the question of The End…  Are we in a situation where the oil spill will kill us?  Will financial ruin destroy us?  These are interesting questions which deserve answers.

Too bad the answers are really scary.


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One Response to The End?

  1. George Fryer says:

    Many are taking profits before year’s end because of huge tax increases set for Jan 2011. That aside, BP seems to have punched into an oil volcano. So much for “fossil” fuels. Nope. It’s ongoing within the Earth. In fact, I believe not much separates us from being a star….just a thin shell that we walk around on. Forces within the Earth – the heat, and pressures are beyond our comprehension. We know something is down there, but what”? A thermonuclear power-plant that generates a by-product of petroleum, for one thing. There is a lot to learn and let’s hope it isn’t actually the end. The end has been predicted by about every generation, so why should we assume we will be the first to witness it? I do fear an end to the United States as we know it unless there is a dramatic change in governance and fast. Could it be that God sent this oil thing just to force into the open for all to see the ineptness of our leader?

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