Fixing the Problem

Enjoying a sunset swim

The coverage of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is filling all the media outlets. Many are pointing the blame finger all around and naming names and, for the most part, they are unaware of what they are talking about. Surprisingly, a starlet from Hollywood said it best when she said what we need to do now, is fix the problem and worrying about assigning blame later.

It was very rational and surprising. She took many by surprise with the reasonableness of her statement.

We need to fix this problem now. On the evening news this evening of June 22, 2010, there were reports of the two new oil rigs being ahead of school and the feeling by the oil companies that they would be able to contain the oil spill by the August deadline. August deadline? Who established that? Should we not be in the process of containing this now?

Those in the oil industry with any expertise at cleanup and containment involved need to be thoroughly engaged in fixing this problem—right now. Somehow, the sense of urgency is lost on some of the leadership involved in this cleanup effort. The reason for this is simple; they have never lived in the region, they do not earn their living from the Gulf, they have never enjoyed the areas on a vacation; they do not love the Gulf, as the people who live here, love the sand, the sea, the skies, the stars, and the clouds.

One of the leaders who clearly understands, and loves the region, is Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal. From the start of the debacle, Governor Jindal has risen to the top of the ladder as a leader trying to resolve the problems of this spill. He has lead from the front, not from an office miles away from the situation. Governor Jindal focused on the needs of the people, the environment, and the beaches and carried out his duties with true courage while dealing with other factors of the federal government. A hearty well done, Governor!

Birds along the Gulf Coast

In the end, many will remember the actions of Governor Jindal.

We will also remember the beaches, the seas, the shores, and the marine life—as it was before. We will question whether we will ever have our lives back again, the way it was before. Will the people of the coast be able to walk their beaches again? Will those who made their living fishing the waters of the Gulf be able to return to the sea? Can the sport fishermen return to their favorite fishing holes and expect to catch their dinner the way they have in the past?

Yes, what we have to do now is fix this problem. We have to try to regain what we have lost. We must do this as soon as possible.

Then we have to find out who made this mess and deal with them and make sure this never happens again.


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