Celebrities *sigh*

Another celebrity opened their mouth releasing the wrong kind of sounds.  As usual, movie stars, song writers, singers, and the like, are using their popularity to make comments about topics of which they know nothing.  Many of these entertainers never attended college and just barely squeaked by high school.  Now, some believe they are “experts” on any number of topics.

It is amazing how ignorant a few of the “beautiful people” are.  Many have made public statements leaving their fans stunned; the celebrities could not have done better if they had walked out on a stage somewhere and said, “I am an idiot.  I don’t know anything about the world or world events.  But I am going say something stupid with which 74 percent of my fan base disagrees.”

Did these people not learn from the message of the band from a few years ago who went against the prevailing public sentiment?  They really should keep their opinions close and secret.

As those making a lot of money, here’s what the celebs should do…

Take all of your money, except maybe $40,000 or $50,000 so that you can get by like the rest of most Americans, and donate the remaining millions of dollars to the people of the Gulf who have lost everything.  You know, the fishermen who can longer work the waters, the wholesalers who can no longer purchase their fish; the cooks, the waitresses and waiters, restaurant managers and owners of seafood joints who can no longer buy the fish from the wholesalers; the owners and managers of hotels and motels, the housekeepers they employ, the desk clerks, the HVAC techs, and everyone else required to keep a hotel running.

Additionally, others will lose their jobs because of the fishing and tourism industries failing.  This includes the people at the discount stores, grocery stores, auto parts stores, department stores, home improvement stores, and more.  They will lose their jobs for the reason that no one has money to spend because of the economic crash of the Gulf States.

The Gulf, as we knew her, is gone for a long time.  Maybe forever.  We will no longer be able to trust the fish caught in the Gulf as being safe to eat; we will no longer be able to trust walking the beach without fear of becoming sick.  The beach will smell like oil for a long time, rather than sea air, the way it should.

Consequently, the fishing and tourism industries will collapse.  A lot of people in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida will be penniless afterward.  This is why those who are famous and ignorant should not speak of the situation, but rather, reach into their bank accounts and start giving to the people of the Gulf.

That would be a much better use of their celebrity status.


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  1. Thank you for the high marks you have given on my writing. That “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google can sometimes bring up interesting copy…

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