Where Have I Been?

I am back.

It has been exactly two years since my last post. The reason for this is that I have been irritated beyond description with the way we have lost money, face unemployment, and more. After all, most of us have lost 40 percent of the value of our investments and property, more people than you can imagine are out of work, and the administration is, shall we say, lacking.

I wanted this blog to be informative and humorous. Somehow, I have lost my humor, which, for the last two years has kept me from enjoying writing.

So now, we come to the question of what to do. I believe the answer is obvious; we have to make a change in our leadership.

I was born and raised a Democrat; however, that party was the party of my parents. It was a good party at the time, but since then, it has changed into something completely unrecognizable.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know there are still good people in the Democratic Party. I would vote for men and women the likes of Zell Miller in an instant. Unfortunately, I believe politicians like Miller are becoming few as more time passes.

We need leaders who have the ability to exercise common sense. And actually, in these days, where common sense is not so common, maybe I should say we need politicians and leaders who can exercise a high degree of uncommon, common sense.

Right now, I am so mad at the Democrats I cannot see straight. I look back over my life, and the times I personally prospered were when the Democrats were out of power and the Republicans were running the show.

There is something to be said for the intelligence and wit of Ronald Reagan, particularly when applied to taxation and business. There is no question Reagan got it right. What I fail to understand is why the current leadership cannot understand the concept that you can make more tax revenues if more people are working and that if you keep taxes low for everyone it will generate those high revenues almost overnight.

This has been proven repeatedly. Why is our leadership not paying attention?

Oh, wait! That’s right. They were all smoking dope when they should have been paying attention in Economics 101…


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2 Responses to Where Have I Been?

  1. With as much as you have to say, and as common-sense oriented as you are, it’s surprising that you haven’t written in 2 years. I’d say: don’t let humorlessness keep you quiet any longer. Voices like yours are needed to help break through the spin and the deception of those who would continue with the current public policies. Join me in spreading the word from the common, but smart & actively aware, people in regular America. This is one of the best forums for it.

    – Jeff

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