To Dream

This morning when I woke up, I walked into the living room where my wife was watching Fox News. There on the screen was Herman Cain talking about the differences in generations and the way each will vote. What he had to say was somewhat scary.

And it made perfect sense.

It also reminded me of communist domination. The communists clearly are not taking over the world right away; they are doing it slowly by infiltration of our nation through our classrooms and our young people. This is exactly how they said they would do it.

Over time, it has become obvious this is what they have done. They have polluted our young people’s minds with the idea that everybody should share. Don’t get me wrong, sharing is a good thing, if done correctly and properly.

So how does one share properly?

From one’s heart is the answer, not from the enforced end of an agency collecting taxes to give money to those who choose not to work.

Today’s young people think it is okay to exercise the tenets of socialism. They see no problem with it because that is what their teachers taught them – from the beginning of pre-school all the way through their PhD programs in graduate school. You know what I am talking about.

On the first day of pre-school, all the students come in with everything on the list of supplies the teachers told the parents their children would require. So, the hard-working parents bought the pencils and paper and crayons and protractors and rulers – everything on the list. When their child shows up with all those supplies, the teachers direct the students to place all the supplies in the big pot in the middle of the room for use by everyone.

The pencils, pens, paper and other supplies become the property of everyone, and not the property of the individual. Thus, students learn the principles of socialism at a very young age. And they are content with it, they accept it.

That’s not the only thing they are learning, either.

School systems are teaching terms like progressivism, communism, and socialism. They are not teaching capitalism.

Graduates today have no idea about the nature of capitalism. They know nothing of a free market society. They don’t know what drives an economy. Young high school graduates have no knowledge of competition in the work place, or on the sports field (everyone is winner!).

When our generation was young, we learned about communism, but in a different way. When the school system taught us about communism, it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis; we learned that communism and socialism were evil, those who practiced those forms of government were dangerous. In fact, they were very dangerous.

School officials, teachers, and our parents also taught us capitalism was the backbone of the economic machine driving prosperity in America. From the schools, we learned how the system worked, from our parents, we learned to want to succeed.

Today, we stand at a Y in the road. We will choose to be dependent on a government for everything we need, supplied through massive taxation; or we will choose to dream great dreams and work for our personal success. I hope we will choose hard work and dreams.

When we succeed, then we can give from our hearts…


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