An Interesting Time

This has been a very interesting time in our history. The campaign for president in this year, 2012, has been nothing short of amazing. Here are some of my observations.

First, I have no question the candidate who should be elected to the office is Mitt Romney. He has impressed with his message to America, especially when compared to his opponent.

Mitt’s message is completely positive, exactly the opposite of President Obama’s mantra of doom and gloom, divisiveness, and other negativity. Obama has condoned message after message exuding disdain for the country, filled with hate against Romney, and worse. Most of America found it appalling when the campaign commercial came out blaming Romney for the death of Ilyona Soptic due to cancer. The ad was completely disingenuous, as pointed out by Britain’s The Daily Mail.

Her husband, Joe Soptic, appears in an attack ad against Romney in which he infers he lost his job because of Bain Capital shutting down his plant, leading to his loss of health insurance, and this caused his wife’s death.

As The Daily Mail has pointed out, there are four major problems with the ad. First, and most damning, Romney was not involved in the closing of the steel mill. Secondly, Mrs. Soptic did not lose her health insurance because of her husband’s layoff. Third, Bain investment in did not shut down GST Steel. Finally, Mrs. Soptic died five years after the closing of GST Steel.

The ad contained half-truths, omission, and outright false statements. A democratic super PAC created this ad, from which the president can distance himself. He can argue it was “the machine” that perpetrated the story.

Personally, I feel I cannot vote for a party depicting such ads. If this is the machine that would do such things, I don’t think I want to see them leading this great nation. I have no faith in the way they would lead, regardless of who is in the White House leading the Democratic Party.


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