What is wrong with the Democrats?

Many elderly voted for Obama in 2008 because they were Democrats and they always voted for the Democratic candidate. “Just because…” And to give them credit, in his campaigning leading up to the 2008 election, Obama promised a lot – it was an appealing message for the elderly and the young alike. Too bad the president failed to deliver.

The elderly, many of whom are Democrats from the time of Roosevelt, still think of their party in those terms. Roosevelt did extraordinary things to save the nation and fight a world war. Many of the elderly still think of that Democratic Party.

Today’s Democratic Party is not the same party of the 1930s and 1940s. The moderates have disappeared and lost their voices to shrill screaming of the likes of Pelosi and Reid.

The socialists and communists hijacked the original Democratic Party a long time ago. Since then, it has become something vile and despicable. It is a party that would weaken America and tear the nation down.

Do not mistake it. That is the objective of the new Democratic Party.

They want to take our tax revenues and use them for things many consider completely inappropriate. They are in the process of making the masses dependent on government. The more people they can register and put on the dole the better. For the Democrats, this guarantees votes for their party.

Under the current administration, the number of Americans enrolled and using food stamps has increased 100 percent. Increased! One hundred percent.

Those individuals will more than likely vote for the current administration. Do you see something wrong with this?

There was once an email short story circulating about birds and a bird feeder in a backyard. In the story, the writer tells how he thought it would be nice to feed the birds and have them around his backyard. He quickly realized the birds became lazy and dependent on the free food, staying on his patio all the time – looking for handouts. The writer quickly realized the real problem was what the birds left behind…

All of the people who have discovered they no longer have to work, but yet will still be able to eat, sleep in government housing, and retain a free cell phone are like those birds. They will vote for the party providing them all those resources. The problem is that the party, the Democratic Party, offers the money to fund all those programs by taking it from the hard workers who pay their taxes.

Those hard workers are increasingly losing their voice in how their money is spent. Many of the taxpayers are not interested in supplying money to deadbeats who take our resources without working. It is amazing that in order to work and pay taxes, an employed person must undergo drug testing. The unemployed, however, do not have to be tested to pick up their free money supplied by those very workers.

Do you see a problem with this?

There comes a time when the hard workers see the life of leisure those not working are leading and they get tired of paying for it. Like John Galt, these hard workers will soon disappear. And the deadbeats waiting for their handouts will no longer be able to continue the life they have become accustomed to living for so long.

The till is running dry.

The workers are getting mad. One day, they may very well stop working and join John Galt.

When that happens, who is going to pay?


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