Time For a Pink Slip

As the Democratic Convention starts, the only thing the leadership of that party can do, when asked if the people are better off now than four years ago, is deflect the question. David Axelrod dodged the question and kept trying to bring up negative talking points about the Republicans while others have actually said the American public is not as well off as they should be compared to 2008.

Most of us are hurting, really hurting.

Four years ago, the price of gas was $1.83 and today, it has more than doubled. Unemployment increased from 7.6 percent to 8.3 percent. The national debt increased from $10 trillion to almost $16 trillion. And the income of the average family has fallen from near $55,000 to less than $51,000.

Many of us are appalled that democrats, from the very top down, with a straight face can say that we are doing better. The democrats are clueless and they are speaking, again, from an emotional standpoint with no regard for logic.

They continue to blame “the inherited position” for all their problems, but again, they have no answer for the question, “What have you done to fix it?”

The ugly answer to the question is – nothing. They have done nothing to fix the problem, and in fact, have made it worse.

This administration has increased the national debt by 51 percent – more than all the administrations before combined.  This week, our national debt will exceed $16 trillion. This is a fact and it drives the democrats to obfuscation and deflection whenever asked about it – particularly when the right leaning press holds their feet to the fire. It would almost be funny watching their reaction, if it were not so serious a situation for all of us.

The Democrat’s ideas of how to fix the economy are as bad as the fact that they allowed the national debt to balloon to $16 trillion. If they could, and they would if they could, tax the top earners at 100 percent, it would not make a dent on that debt.

In the meantime, because of heavy taxation, many of those the Democrats are trying to tax would quit. They would close their factories, their shops, their industries. This will result in many losing their jobs.

Oh yes, and the government? They would lose the tax revenues of many middle class workers who would lose their jobs as a result. Then government offices would have to pay the unemployment benefits and food stamps for those workers.

Over the course of decades, many cases have shown when a government lowers taxes, they generate more tax revenues by way of economic growth and more employed workers. There is plenty of documentation that when taxes are increased, tax revenues shrink, unemployment increases, and GDP falls.

There is no question this administration has failed. If a CEO performed the way this president has, the stockholders would ask that CEO to resign.

It is time for us to give him his pink slip.


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