I’m Back…

Okay, it’s time to come back to writing on this blog. After the reelection, I became disenchanted and disgusted with the things we’re doing in American politics. It drove me away from writing. It has happened before… Now it is time for me to write about what I see is happening in Florida.

Just now on the radio, newscasters reported that Florida is one of the most stressful states in which to live. How did that happen?

I have been living in Florida for a very long time. In those early days, Florida was very laid-back. Back in those days, we could sleep with the windows open and leave the doors unlocked. Today, that is a very dangerous thing to do.

I think the difference between Florida today and the Florida of 50 years or so ago lies within the makeup of the citizenry. Fifty years ago, the people of Florida came from the stock of the land. Almost everyone who lived here was born and raised under the Florida sky. They were a hardy bunch, content in dealing with hurricanes, going to the beach, and living without air conditioning.

Since those times so long ago, the fabric of the people has changed dramatically. According to some older Floridians, the worst thing that happened to the state was the invention of air conditioning. Prior to air-conditioning, the Yankees would go home. After “the season,” it became too hot for many to stay beyond Easter.

Most of the permanent residents enjoyed the time when the visitors flocked north. Suddenly, the streets were no longer crowded and the beaches were more accessible. Indeed, life became more enjoyable after the visitors went home.

Later in the 1970s and 1980s, Northern residents discovered the advantages to living in Florida. Before long, they started coming down for more than just the season. For the most part, they settled in South Florida in the Miami and West Palm Beach areas. This led to the infamous 2000 election. To the nation, Florida appeared incapable of going to the polls to vote. Those of us who lived here, however, knew the truth.

It wasn’t Florida residents who screwed up the election; it was the northerners who took up residence in West Palm Beach, many who happened to vote twice. For the Floridians who knew the score, we took pleasure in watching what happened when the authorities caught the people from New York and New Jersey who voted twice. For whatever reason, this news never made the mainstream media. It still irritates many Floridians to this day.

It is time for things to change. Those of us who are producing, cannot keep working and paying the taxes for the takers. The Democrats have all but killed most of the middle class. We are trying to make as much noise about this as possible, but the Democrats are not listening. And the Republicans are only half listening.

Tonight, I think many Republicans are probably starting to pay more attention. Many of the Republicans probably never believed Eric Cantor could have been knocked out of the Virginia GOP so easily.


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