Hey! You! I Have a Bridge You Might Be Interested in Buying

Over the last few weeks, yet another scandal is playing out in Washington. The May 31 Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange for five high-ranking Taliban warriors has to mark the lowest point of our history.

Defending the swap, Secretary of State John Kerry said the trade of the five Taliban generals for a sergeant would not endanger other service members or American civilians throughout the globe. “I just think that’s a lot of baloney,” he said.

Hillary Clinton, thus far unannounced contender for the White House in 2016, uttered yet another infamous comment about Bergdahl’s capture. When pressed by the news media to comment about the method by which Bergdahl became a prisoner, she told ABC’s Diane Sawyer, “It doesn’t matter.”

Senator John McCain, said we are “… reconstituting the Taliban government, the same guys that are mass murderers.” Many Americans agree.

Republican Rep. Mike Rogers, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, said that some or all of the returned Taliban leaders would be rejoining the terroristic war against the United States. Speaking with George Stephanopoulos, Rogers also talked of other events that would spell trouble for the nation.

“Hostages are now currency in this war on terror,” Rogers opined. He went on to talk about the situation being dangerous for military members, diplomats, transportation workers, and others abroad.

Amid all of this commotion, we are now dealing with a catastrophe on our borders. Suddenly, we are completely open to anyone crossing the perimeter and coming into America. Those who are crossing and entering are all undocumented. Yes, there are a lot of children and women coming in, along with men posing as their family.

So far, here in Florida, we have not felt the impact of these events happening in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. But the time is coming.

If you believe all of this that is happening to the country and American citizens right now are okay, I just might have a bridge somewhere I can sell you.


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