Alzheimer’s is no laughing matter

Will Ferrell is going to do a “dementia comedy.” There is nothing funny about dementia and what it develops into.

“It’s a little more elevated — it’s a smarter political comedy and Will Ferrell is doing a Reagan impression, but it’s not a Saturday Night Live impression,” said Matthew Belloni, a writer for the Hollywood Reporter.

I believe Will Ferrell is truly screwing up.

Of course, you would expect the Reagan family to be outraged – and rightly so. What I think Ferrell has overlooked and will cost him dearly is the fact that 5.4 million Americans are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s. Ferrell really needs to ask himself how the families and relatives of those 5.4 million will react to this movie and his work.

Many cannot believe Ferrell would be so cruel and insensitive. And that is how many are seeing his actions – as very insensitive, as very cruel. Obviously, the ravages of this horrible disease have not personally touched him.

The ravages and reality of dementia and Alzheimer’s have touched me. It is happening in our family right now. I cannot begin to tell you how horrible living with this disease is. Memories are robbed, loved ones not recognized, victims are no longer vibrant and purpose is lost. One day seems exactly like the last and the day after tomorrow will also be the same.

When Ferrell counts his nickels and dimes at the end of the year, he can bet he will not find one cent of my hard-earned money in his profits. I’m done spending my money on any project of which he is involved. I believe anyone else who has suffered through a loved one’s travails with Alzheimer’s will hold a very similar stance.


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