Here It Comes

So here we are, both conventions are over, each candidate got their bumps and now we move into the late summer and fall. Closer to November. It is time to move on.

In January, someone will be elected president. If you are happy with the past seven and a half years, with its weak GDP growth, the doubling of the national debt, the rise of ISIS, have a total disregard for our rights, if you’re happy giving money to refugees instead of our veterans, you are probably going to vote democratic.

On the other hand, if you are looking for growth, a financial rebound, less regulation of small businesses, safety and security, freedom from terrorism and attacks by lone wolf jihadists, you are probably going to vote for the republicans.

As one watching the fireworks from the trenches, the choice is interesting.

Anyone voting for Clinton for the purpose of electing the first female president is truly making a big mistake.

If you think the democrats are going to keep you safe, you are mistaken. Over the past years of democratic leadership, our security, even our sense of security, has gone down the toilet.

Clinton is the prime reason why we are in such a mess in the Middle East. She, John Kerry, and Obama gave away all of our security when they brokered the nuclear deal with Iran. Many Americans have not slept well since the deal went down. Those who have slept well are completely clueless or haven’t been paying attention. Obviously they have no concern for the safety of their children or grandchildren.

Something else for which they have no concern for the future generations is national debt. Our kids and their children are reaching a point at which they will never be able to payoff the sins of the parents, as long as those parents keep voting democratic.

If Clinton wins, my prediction is that the economy will completely collapse.


Because many of us are tired of the abuse and we’re just going to give up. Rather than paying into a fraudulent system that continues to steal from the producers and give to those gaming the system, many are going to quit their jobs and/or shut down their businesses and join the slacking masses. They will start collecting unemployment, food stamps, and more. The result will be a slow and painful collapse of the economic system.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Right?

Think about it – this is probably a reality with Clinton winning the White House, because she can’t pay for everything she has promised.

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