The View From the Bottom

The view from the bottom, also known as the trenches, is very interesting these days. Reporting by the media is very dismal. For those of us in the rank and file, we’re keeping an eye on what is happening and most of us are dismayed at what we are seeing. We no longer have faith in the media – broadcast or print.

It is interesting to read or listen to the liberal media championing Clinton and tearing Trump apart. There are many who believe they (reporters and talking heads) are not doing their jobs. They are not reporting. They are trying to influence voting. They really want a Clinton in the White House again.

Can Clinton win the election?

It is an interesting question. Everyone knows she lied, yet many still support her. You have to ask the really important question, why? Are those who support Clinton blatantly ignorant or uneducated? Do they fail to realize the dangers she poses to the United States? Are they paying attention?

Surely, the Clinton team hopes they aren’t paying attention and this is where the media is complicit in lying to America: reporters, writers, and newscasters are not reporting fairly on what is happening in the country.

What is happening? A change…

And the news media and pollsters are missing it.

They are slanting the news the way they wish it to be. They aren’t talking to the people, they aren’t listening to discussions from around the land. If they did, they would probably realize that what they are reporting is very weak, devoid of fact, and lacking the reflection of the people.

The media, all the reporters and writers, will more than likely be surprised on November 8. While they keep touting a Clinton victory, they are not paying attention to the people. Many Americans have refused to take part in polls taking away credibility of the polls.

The people are pissed. They are tired of a government taking care of foreigners before our own. They are mad about spending money we don’t have on programs that benefit other countries before ours. Americans are over being fearful of what might happen to them the next time they go out to the mall, a sporting event, or church. They can’t believe the present administration is going to allow refugees into the country without proper vetting. We’re tired with the Obama-Clinton machine creating divisiveness among us.

And that is something the mainstream media has failed to report. This is what will propel Donald Trump into the White House.

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