Writing Right

Each day that passes, I become more convinced the media is suffering corruption to the degree almost any intelligent American would admit to, and that many unintelligent Americans will ever know. We are sincerely in trouble in that someone passed the watchdog a large slab of steak, the dog ate it, and he is now peacefully sleeping, chained next to the doghouse. In the meantime, the citizens of the nation are in trouble and no one is watching out for us.

In a previous lifetime, I worked as a legitimate, bona fide, credentialed journalist. My time as a reporter came to a rather quick end when the publisher of the newspaper that employed me told me to falsify a story. I told her to pack sand and if she wanted it written the way she was trying to deceive the local community, she would damn well have to write it herself. Then I gave two weeks’ notice and never had an inclination to return to the field of newspaper writing.

Because of what I did, walking off the job the way I did, many have said I have integrity. It is something that I see as lacking in the industry today. In fact, so much so I no longer contribute to the journalism school at my alma mater. I feel as though they no longer teach that one really important concept required to write about the news: objectivity.

The whole point of news reporting is to – report the news. A reporter should…report the facts. Those facts should be given to the reader or viewer and it should be up to that person to decide the validity of the facts and apply them as they see fit to their lives.

Unfortunately, today’s reporters editorialize the news before presenting it to the consumers. I remember having my ass chewed for doing that in journalism school. I guess they don’t teach that anymore. I am appalled by the media doing everything they can to help Clinton in her election bid while putting Trump in the worst light possible.

Here’s the thing, however. It is not working. If you take a look at other indicators, Trump is slamming Clinton into the dirt. In public appearances, online presence, and public perceptions, Trump is winning. And not just by the measly margins reported by the media.

I predict that Trump is going to win in November. And not by just a little. It is going to be a landslide victory because that is what the people want. The Americans voiced that opinion a long time ago when Trump started the long trek to the White House. What is going to be interesting on November 8, is watching the print reporters and broadcast talking heads spin Hillary’s loss.

And then it will be interesting to see how the journalists will explain their lack of proper reporting for the last eight years.


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