Why Trump Won

Across America, liberals are losing their minds. They are having a hard time realizing that Donald Trump won the presidency. Many are asking, “How could this happen?”

This is how it happened.

The liberal plan, combined with policies, agendas, regulation, increases in government, higher taxes, increased debt, political correctness, and more, finally reached an unsustainable point. Americans throughout the land finally decided enough was enough. So, the silent majority spoke. Loudly.

Additionally, the liberals were lied to. They were misinformed. By whom, you ask? The NY Times and many other newspapers, all but two polling companies, and the talking heads of many television networks. The DNC’s own internal polling was so off as to almost be laughable – however – they wanted to believe Hillary would be elected so badly no one, not one of them, questioned the numbers.

Back in June 2016, I began talking about how Donald Trump was going to win this election in a landslide. I documented my views in a Facebook conversation with an old high school friend on September 6. Now we are on the cusp of the final electoral vote count totaling more than 300 for the new president.

One of the reasons the polling numbers was so off is that the pollsters did not do their jobs right. For one, they were pulling for Clinton and they allowed their polling to be skewed by their emotions. Only two polls, the LA Times and Investor’s Business Daily, correctly predicted the winner. Additionally, they were the only polls that treated all candidates equally and fairly. Because all the other polling concerns injected bias into their polling, every one of them missed the mark.

Another important aspect of the polling is that many “silent Trump supporters” refused to talk to the pollsters. Why? Because of the threat of violence from the Clinton factions. This is a very sad testament for how far the liberals have gone. When good people keep their tongues because the liberals are borderline criminal – well – that does not bode well for the liberals or the nation.

A parallel to this is the lack of Trump bumper stickers. When a person feels as though their car is going to be keyed or damaged because of their political views, well, that is just not right. Those who would do such things need to be discovered, they need to be exposed, they need to be arrested, and they need to be prosecuted. Then they need to pay restitution and go to jail.

Not everyone in the Clinton support group would go out to commit the atrocities we are seeing in the news today. Most of those rioting (and yes, it is rioting and not demonstrating) are millennials. They truly are crybabies who think that if they scream loudly and behave badly, they are going to get their way. After all, they thought they were going to get their way all along because that is what the newspapers and other media told them.

The NY Times was the leader of newspapers turning out a false narrative of Clinton as the next president. The Gray Lady has lost her place as “the newspaper of record” for the United States. Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., publisher of the NYT, had to admit defeat in their reporting of election news. Although not admitted, like so many newspapers and other media outlets, they must also admit to bias for Clinton and the fact that their news coverage was slanted in a manner to help her obtain the White House.

There was only one problem – the majority of Americans have had enough and they voted their discontent with the academic, media, and political elites that make up a group of people who believe they “know what is best” for the “ignorant and uneducated” masses.

They, the media and pollsters, got it completely wrong and consequently have lost all credibility with the people. This will mean lost revenues as many are canceling their subscriptions to various news sources. This has a trickle-down effect on those organizations as advertisers decide there is not enough of a reason to purchase ads and the advertising revenues start to dry up.

The action of the liberals is appalling. After Clinton claimed that anyone who would not accept the results of a fair election was a “threat to democracy.” Isn’t it ironic that she is in that very position? So far, with riots in the streets of too many American cities, not a word has come from the Clinton Camp or Obama.

Funny, I don’t remember the Republicans or conservatives behaving in this way when Obama won in 2008 and 2012…

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