Why Trump Tweets

It is amusing to watch the media’s reaction to President-elect Trump’s tweeting. They are very upset that they are unable to report breaking news from the new administration. They probably feel cheated out of their place, their right to bring the news to the public.

As much as they try to report what is happening in the new administration, they are stifled by Trump and others in the new administration. For their part, it appears those in Trump’s camp also do not want to work with the traditional newspapers and television talking heads.

In the meantime, Americans on both sides of the aisle are watching what is happening in and with the media. Things are not looking good for the reporters.


Because they have thrown in their lot with the left.

They are not reporting events as they should – unbiased, presentation of the facts. They routinely slant the news in the direction they believe the public should view the news. They probably believe the public lacks the ability to make good decisions about what is happening in the realm of current events.

One current event from this week is Hillary Clinton talking about “fake news.” Of all people to talk about the promulgation of fake news, she is one to take the cake. She is the woman who landed in Bosnia and had to run from her aircraft “under sniper fire.” Then there is the embarrassing fact that she told the world four brave men died in Benghazi due to “a YouTube video.” She knew all along that both events, as well as others reported by her press machine, were lies.

She, along with others of the left such as Brian Williams, have left a very bad taste in the mouths of many. When the facts of an event are well known and they left-leaning mainstream media reports otherwise are an affront to everyone with common sense and the ability to see the truth.

It is amusing to watch the left deal with irrefutable facts.

So now the White House press corps is freaking out by the fact they may very well be kicked out of the loop. As we watch what is happening in Washington, most of us down here in the trenches are not surprised.

If the press keeps reporting the news in the biased manner as they have in the past, how can anyone blame Trump for connecting directly with the public through Twitter. At least we will get the honest word.

Tweet away, Mr. Trump!

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