Never Fly With A Democrat

This is another view from the back of the airplane. Today, many of us abhor traveling by airplane. You get onboard and there’s never enough room, there’s always too many people, and you can’t trust them, as evidenced by necessary TSA procedures. Yet, here we are, all sitting together in the same metal tube hurtling through space almost as fast as a bullet. It’s kind of insane, if you stop and think about it for a moment.

Most of us are pretty content with simply sitting while waiting to arrive at the destination. For those who are thinking, the most prevalent thought is probably, I hope this flight goes well and the pilot makes a good landing. After all, no one really wants the plane to crash.

Everyone is quite literally behind the pilot. Most are also figuratively behind him, too. If there is anything a passenger can do to help the pilot arrive safely, odds are good that most passengers will do what is within their power to make sure the flight remains safe. Almost everyone knows that if the pilot crashes, everyone dies, not just the pilot. No one is as suicidal as to hope the pilot screws up and dies.

Except maybe the Democrats onboard.

Given their record of behavior for the first month of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, more than half of all Americans around the country are fairly well convinced the democrats are suicidal. Evidently, they don’t realize that all of the Republicans, but more importantly, the majority of Independents, will never again vote for a democrat – no matter for what office they might run.

Since the beginning of President Trump’s time in office, the democrats are doing everything in their power to undermine him. Don’t they realize we are all watching? Do they not understand we see what they are doing?

For many of the Independents and Republicans, the disingenuous behavior of our democrat friends and family has reached a new, untenable low. They are truly not using common sense and have failed miserably in the area of critical thinking. For instance, take the issue of allowing refugees into the nation.

There is nothing wrong with helping others. However, it is completely unsound to allow single males between the ages of 18 and 50 into the country without serious vetting. It appears as though the democrats want it both ways – if the argument will help their position, they will go against everyone to make it happen. In this case, they will argue until everyone is allowed in. Then, after one of their loved ones is killed by an unlawful immigrant, they will attack again and cry out as to how the Republicans could allow something so atrocious to happen on American soil.

And that is what they are doing now.

They are fighting President Trump at every turn and not giving him the chance to do what is right. They are also irritated that he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do – keeping promises to the Americans who voted him into office – to do precisely what he is doing – our bidding.

They are reticent to see that the majority of us voted, not for Donald Trump, but for change. We became tired of the way they were running country into the ground. They don’t realize they are fighting for his failure and if they are successful in destroying this presidency, they will actually destroy the nation.

They need to understand we are all paying attention to what they are doing. If they crash the airplane, it will never again bode well for any democrat running for any office.

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