Been a Hell of a Week

Well, it is happening and it is about time.

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are in the process of cleaning up America and it is a very welcome change over the damage Obama and his cronies have done to this nation.

Let there be no doubt: Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Jarret, and Holder, along with the others in the Obama administration nearly took down America. They continue to work to obtain that objective to this very moment.

President Trump should have fired Comey January 21, if not sooner on the 20th. The definition of hypocrisy has now been changed in the Webster and other dictionaries. When Comey’s letter came out before the election, all the Democrats wanted him fired, if not killed. Now that the President has in fact fired him, they have taken the completely opposite stance. Hypocrisy at its finest!

President Trump has completed much of what he said he would do once elected. It is driving the Democrats and liberal left crazy, which is absolutely entertaining for the viewing public.

Something else to keep in mind about President Trump: he is becoming successful – and more presidential – each day. Another thorn in the side of the liberal left and the democrats.

In the end, he will be successful. And his success will be the final nail in the coffin of democrat party.

Donald Trump was elected for a reason. Most Americans were tired of being screwed by both parties, and this is a warning to the Republicans – you had better get it together and soon.

We are tired of the ineptitude and President Trump is the change the American people want.

Here is a warning to both sides of the aisle: you had better start working together and getting things done or you are all going to be out of a job.

Like it or not, President Trump is the leader of the free world. His success means your success, and success for everyone. If you are fighting against him at every turn, you are – without a doubt – advocating for your own failure.

In short, you are a moron.

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