No More

As America goes to bed tonight, it is with the realization that the Democrats have lost five special elections in a row. For them this is a sound defeat. For the Republicans, it is a validation of sorts. For both parties, tonight needs to be recognized as a warning for both sides of the aisle.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans need to understand they work for us, the people. They don’t work for their respective parties, they don’t work for the President, they work for us.

Everyone, but the Democrats in particular, need to realize the American people are tired of their lack of leadership. We want the 535 people in Washington we elected to represent us – to do our will. Not their will. Not the President’s will. Our will.

It is fairly comical watching the Democratic meltdown. They have failed. They have failed in so many ways as to almost be unbelievable. Nancy Pelosi and all the others with a (D) following their names, just cannot understand why President Trump was elected and the the reasons why the American people are subsequently tossing out everyone who has that symbol, (D), right after their name. The Democrats and liberal left simply don’t get it.

But we do. When you take a look at the cities being led by Democrats, there’s the justification as to why America is giving up on the Democratic Party. Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore are perhaps the most devastated cities in America led by – dare we say it – the Democrats. These corrupt cities are grossly mismanaged financial failures.

We see it. We realize it. We’re tired of it. We are over it.

And we don’t want to trust Democrats any longer. They have failed, they will continue to fail, and we do not want our nation to go down that path.

Obama, Lynch, Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, and Reid have damaged and tarnished our reputation over the last eight years – enough to last the rest of our lifetimes.

No more.

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