Be Careful Going to Dinner

Ok, we are quickly reaching a tipping point. Most Americans are more than willing to step up to help those who need help, but it is now time for the wall. Last month, Eulalio Miniz Orozco, also known as Ricardo Velasquez-Romero, stabbed another person in a California restaurant in Santa Rosa. He has been sent back to Mexico seven times in the past. Seven! Now, the mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, reports that she is willing to go to jail in defense of the city’s sanctuary status.

Many of us think the mayor is an absolute moron! Maybe the real question we should ask is, “Are you willing to face a murder charge for anyone killed by an illegal immigrant you and your administration allowed into the country?” That is a much more pertinent question than asking her if she were merely willing to go to jail for her policies.

The death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco is another horrible example of good intentions gone wrong. The fact that a jury acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of the crime is an absolute travesty. Many of us wonder how that trial could have possibly gone more wrong.

The stabbing in Santa Rosa and the death of Kate Steinle is not even the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other injuries and deaths caused by illegal immigrants that it makes sense as to how President Trump was elected. We get it. He gets it. That is why the majority of Americans elected him as our president.

When the liberals decry immigration policy, when they say it is horrific, they show us images of cute little babies being raised by single mothers. You know, we get that. But here’s the deal. It’s not the cute little babies and their moms we’re talking about. Criminals are coming into the country at an alarming rate and they are killing our fellow citizens.

What the moronic left doesn’t understand is that one day, one of those fellow citizens killed will be a member of their family. It will be their mother, their brother, a sister, father, their child, or a cousin.

And here is the failure of the liberal left sense of logic: the deaths of their family members will be all of their fault. And they still won’t get it! Their abilities in logic are so flawed they will assign blame for their relative’s death to anyone but themselves.

When the next death happens at the hands of an illegal immigrant in Oakland, federal authorities need to bust into Mayor Schaaf’s office and arrest her on a charge of murder. It will be the only way the liberals will come to understand what is at stake.

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