An Interesting Evening

It indeed appears as though the feces has hit the fan. The Democrat machine is completely falling apart and what an exciting turn of events, too.

It is now becoming apparent that Hillary Clinton and everyone working for her could face jail time. They lied, and they connived, and they tried to pass off false information about President Donald Trump and the Russians. It appears as though everything they produced was untrue. It is readily apparent to most that they have really screwed up.

There is little question the guilt in this fiasco goes all the way to the top of the previous presidency. More than likely, many in Obama’s administration are probably worrying about the possibility of actually being charged, tried, and sentenced for felony crimes. It has been amusing over the past few weeks watching individual members of the Democratic Party freak out.

When Nancy Pelosi faced the press last weekend when interviewed on CNN by Chris Cuomo, she seemed more nervous than an asthmatic with diarrhea and a hacking cough. She couldn’t answer the questions, and it was apparent she was upset with the interview. For his part, Cuomo pursued trying to get to the truth while Pelosi continued to rely on the old political practice of deflection.

On the screen, she appeared irritated and scared. There’s probably many more Democrats who also feel the same.

These are fascinating times we are living in right now. History has never seen such scandal in American politics. The Obama-Clinton scandals are the worst ever; Watergate pales in comparison.

We have heard little from Obama, and in fact, there have been reports that he has “lawyered-up.” Why would he feel the need to do that? There must be something very sinister in his recent past for him to feel compelled to retain legal counsel. A few things come to mind: Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of conservatives, increasing the national debt by an amount more significant than all of the previous presidents combined, Benghazi, the Clinton email scandal, association with the Black Panthers, the Solyndra debacle, his failed department of justice, the gift of hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran in addition to allowing them to become a nuclear power, and more.

Everything in the previous paragraph can be considered as acts of treason. Maybe Obama has a good reason to “lawyer-up.”

For those who are who are paying attention, it is apparent many of the Democratic Party do not want the FISA memo to be released. One has to wonder why. What could possibly be making so many people so nervous about one little memo being released to the public?

In her interview with Cuomo, Pelosi became argumentative, stuttering, and speechless. She appeared as if she was someone who was very frightened of something. And she’s not the only Democrat displaying this behavior.

This will make for a very intense State of the Union tonight.

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