The California Governor Has Lost It

It was fascinating watching Governor Jerry Brown on television April 19, 2018. He accused FoxNews of fake news. He suggested President Trump was treating immigrants horribly. He inferred the state of California was dealing with the immigrant problem as humanely is possible. Indeed, he is doing a great deal to protect immigrants. Never mind that they are “illegal.”

In the state of California, the numbers are shifting considerably. More than half the people are no longer interested in “sanctuary status.” They want to get rid of it. They are more interested in protecting their own rather than criminals. Take a look at all of the lawsuits now in process against the state government by various counties and municipalities.

There is no question Californians are fed up. Governor Brown and his administration are protecting the illegals – at the cost of the safety of his citizens. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

When and where you can tell this is not right, is when Brown engages the media who ask him questions about his policies. He immediately becomes loud, mad, and defensive. The only reason anyone would act such a way is when they realize they are in the wrong and everyone around them knows it. In short, they are caught red-handed.

There is no common sense to be found anywhere in the state government. Additionally, they are all a bunch of hypocrites. Every one of them. Many believe those sitting in the high halls of California government make decisions impacting many of the people, but so far they have not suffered the same consequences others have experienced.

In other words, so far, their child, their wife, their husband, their mother, their father, their cousins, all, have not been killed or injured by an illegal immigrant. If an illegal killed one of their family members died like Kate Steinle or any number of another group of citizens murdered or maimed by drunk illegals, perhaps they would not be voting the way they have voted. Maybe they would be working as hard as possible to round up the illegal immigrants and send them back to wherever they came from.

An immigrant coming to this country purposefully and through proper channels is coming here for a better life, not a life of crime. They are going to make contributions to this country, and our lives and theirs will benefit. These are the people we want coming to America. We don’t want addicted drug users, rapists, murderers, and gang members. These are the people who need to be turned away at the border, or captured if they have already snuck in.

The liberal left, however, would have you believe those being kept out are innocent children and single mothers. They will show photographs of cute children and young women. These are the ones who need help, but they need to be adequately processed into the system.

Those who need to be kept out are the violent, non-contributing freeloaders trying to game the system.

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