California Unrest

It appears as though the Democrats in California have entirely lost their minds. Each day more Californians are attacking their Democratic leaders for maintaining positions of protecting illegal aliens over the rights and well-being of citizens. Yet, the Democrats continue their stance on open borders, protecting illegal aliens, and sanctuary status.

As each day passes, more people in California have become fed up and are raising their voices in protest of the Democrats leading their government.  These residents have a healthy dose of common sense. They see reality. They understand what is going on. Still, many state and local government leaders persist in their asinine sanctuary policies.

Politics in California have gone from “odd” to “bizarre” to “unreal” to “absolutely unbelievable.” In the United States, more than 285 million people who do not live in California are wondering what the 39.7 million residents of California were thinking when they went down this path. With a little bit of analytical investigation, it becomes apparent that Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego and other metropolitan coastal communities, which comprise about a third of the total California population, have dominated Californian politics.

The people who live in those urban communities of California, as with the coastal communities on the East Coast, believe they are far superior to the rest of us. They would like to dominate the way government is run. They honestly think they know better than the majority of Californians and the rest of us. Hence, their propensity to elect Democrats.

The problem with electing Democrats is the fact that the Democratic Party has been failing for the last 50 years. This truth is very evident in democratically controlled strongholds such as Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC, St. Louis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities and counties controlled by Democrat governors, mayors, and councils.

In areas controlled by the Democratic Party, taxes are high. The economy is flat. Homelessness abounds. Crime is out of control. Property tax revenues are down. And now we have to deal with “sanctuary status.”

Many have questioned what is going on with the Democrats. Their leadership style does not include taking care of their constituency. They truly are out for their own good in the context of money and power. They do not have the best interest of the country, the people, or our future in mind.

The extreme nut jobs in the California Democrat party want to secede from the union. Maybe it is time to let that happen. If it does, the United States will be forced to take in two-thirds of the Californians as legitimate immigrants—immigrants fleeing for financial reasons.

If California secession were to happen, Congress would need to take a look at a couple of issues. One would be the absolute prohibition of any financial aid to the newly formed country. The other would be the relocation of that wall to prevent illegal Californians from coming into the United States of America.

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