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Obviously all those things are false

Jim Acosta of CNN was in Tampa reporting on President Trump’s Florida visit. His reporting was pretty outrageous. It was apparent he failed to understand what was going on, and he defiantly told Wolf Blitzer that he was going to … Continue reading

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The Connection

Something is seriously wrong with the county school systems in every state of the country. Teachers are unable to do their jobs because of a few disruptive students. Many students lack the motivation, desire, and excitement to learn. The majority … Continue reading

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California Unrest

It appears as though the Democrats in California have entirely lost their minds. Each day more Californians are attacking their Democratic leaders for maintaining positions of protecting illegal aliens over the rights and well-being of citizens. Yet, the Democrats continue … Continue reading

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Walking for the 2A

Yesterday, many students around the country walked out of their classrooms in support of the Second Amendment. How refreshing! These are the students who have a sense of history, knowledge of the Second Amendment, understand the Constitution, and are the … Continue reading

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The California Governor Has Lost It

It was fascinating watching Governor Jerry Brown on television April 19, 2018. He accused FoxNews of fake news. He suggested President Trump was treating immigrants horribly. He inferred the state of California was dealing with the immigrant problem as humanely … Continue reading

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The Idiocy of Their Actions

The state of California has hit the lowest point ever regarding fiscal responsibility, taxation, land valuation, and the protection of its citizens. Today, many Californians no longer feel safe in their state. They have no security. Indeed, last year 138,000 … Continue reading

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Warning Signs

Waking up the day after Valentine’s Day was stressful this year. The shooting in South Florida inundated yesterday’s news. Horrifically, 17 young people died and many more hospitalized. Americans are praying for all of the families. The shooting happened because … Continue reading

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