Obama’s Legacy

We are living it now. This, the Obama “legacy.” The world that Obama left us following his presidency can be described in a single word – horrific.

What did he leave America, besides a falling standard of living, higher unemployment, a weaker dollar, more Americans on food stamps in the history of the nation, the lowest GDP growth ever, record debt, and more? He left a society in which almost half cannot accept the consequences of an election. Mr. Obama’s “legacy,” includes a group of people who believe violence is okay.

He left and basically told his followers it is permissible to do violence if you do not get what you want. He also said the cops are bad people. He turned a blind eye to those who would injure and kill law enforcement officers.

He negotiated with the enemy, paying millions of dollars in ransom to Iran – and then gave them nuclear capability.

America woke up. The citizenry became fed up. The majority saw what Obama and his democratic party were trying to do to the nation. Americans decided it was time to take action and lawfully tossed many of the democrats out of office. The problem is that the dead and liberals cannot accept it.

The democrats were incensed. They could not believe they lost their power in Washington. Now the liberal left and the Democrats have gone completely insane.

Today we are seeing violence on our college campuses over the First Amendment. The Second Amendment remains under attack by the left, which would make it easier to kill police officers, if the liberals were successful at eliminating our ability to protect ourselves with weapons.

The police are being murdered in record numbers. Doing drugs is now considered okay. Crime has increased with criminals favored over victims in many liberal courts.

This is Obama’s “legacy.”

Everyone is slowly becoming aware of what the democrats have done to this nation. If you are a democrat and you agree with the violence and obstructionism happening in the nation today, you are the problem.

If you agree with Black Lives Matter, if you are Antifa, if you stand with those who would do violence – you are the problem.

And here’s something you should keep in mind: This is Obama’s “legacy” – to tear down the nation. You are working very hard to do that.

Now here’s a question everyone would love to hear you, the leftists and democrats, answer. If you are successful in destroying the nation, where does that leave you in the end?

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August 11, 2017

Take a look at what’s happening in the world right now. There’s a nutcase in North Korea who wants to pop a few nukes toward South Korea, Japan, Guam, Honolulu, and if he can pull it off, the United States mainland. President Trump isn’t taking it lying down and most of us get it; the liberal left, however, are losing their minds.

There is no question that had Hillary won the election, we would all be in big trouble by now. Between Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama, North Korea has turned into a powder keg ready to blow.

Bill is guilty of giving the North Koreans nuclear power; George had his hands full with other issues in the world and left the North Koreans alone; and Obama did nothing in terms of leadership, other than weak appeasement. Now we are facing the greatest nuclear threat since the Cuban missile crisis because too many in past leadership positions kicked the problem on to later generations of leaders.

Interestingly, the press sees fit only to crucify President Donald Trump. They have mistreated him badly, not giving him his due credit. Again, the press has missed the mark by a wide margin. The story is not “Crazy Donald.” The real story is how the little fat North Korean dictator might bring an end to the world. Somehow, the American media has completely missed the point. Shame on them.

For those inclined to read news from overseas, many quickly realize those reporters and editors get it. They report the news appropriately by stating facts; they also tend to publish stories without editorializing the news reports.

By reading stories in foreign newspapers and from other news outlets, the events of these times become quite evident. The United States spent the last eight years under the leadership of a very weak president. That has now changed. The American people wanted that change. And that change is a very necessary component of maintaining world peace.

Speaking softly and carrying a big stick is what we are now once again doing. There are too many bullies in the world and Obama did not have the intestinal fortitude to deal with them properly.

Now along comes businessman Donald J. Trump. He is elected president and the left talks about him being unsuitable for the office for many different reasons. Some have said he’s a little crazy. He is, in fact, the perfect person for the job.

Many of the liberal left don’t trust what he may or may not do. They believe he cannot be trusted with the leadership of American military might. Some have said he is unstable, incapable of leading the globe’s strongest military. Funny how that works – the American people do trust him to do the job – that was why he was elected.

It’s funny in part, because we do not remember or study history well enough. The last time the world enjoyed a degree of peace was when an elderly actor occupied the White House.

At the time, there were more than a few in the media who wondered if he was crazy enough to punch the red button. Ronald Reagan also left many world leaders wondering the same thing. And of course, no one tested him.

Which was the whole point of speaking softly and carrying a big stick.

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The Latest Fiasco

Why are we not getting things done in government?

It’s because the democrats do not want to work as team members. They want to do everything their way and if you take a look at the facts, their way really isn’t working. As an example, look at the cities of Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and others led by the democrats. Those cities are completely falling apart.


Because the democrats don’t know how to lead. They don’t know how to work. They don’t know how to work in teams. They are squandering public money on their pet projects and wasting money on arguing about legislation that will never pass. And some of them are even defrauding the public and taking money for their own private use. They are like a bunch of ships adrift on the sea without destinations.

They don’t want to work on legislation helping America. Instead, they are still trying to knock President Donald Trump out of the office.

It is very sad. They lost! And yet they still behave like babies trying to get their way.

This latest fiasco is unbelievable. They can’t get him out of office any other way, so they accuse him of being mentally unfit for the office. Unbelievable!

They are wasting time. Not just wasting their time, they are wasting our time. We elected them to do a job and they aren’t doing those jobs. They just don’t get it. They are not representing their constituents, they are not doing the will of the people, and many on both sides of the aisle are getting pretty sick of it.

The liberal left had better get a clue.

A great deal more than half of the people in the United States approve the direction the country is headed.

For the left, they disagree with that direction because it is not going in their direction. Many in the swamp are being tossed out and they don’t like it. But, it is in the best interest of the nation.

Unfortunately for the democrats and the liberal left, many Americans are benefiting from the changes President Trump and the Republicans have been able to put in place.

When it comes time for the next elections, those 25 morons who are claiming the President is mentally unfit for office will probably find themselves out of office.

We, the people, are intelligent and observant, and we see what’s going on.

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No More

As America goes to bed tonight, it is with the realization that the Democrats have lost five special elections in a row. For them this is a sound defeat. For the Republicans, it is a validation of sorts. For both parties, tonight needs to be recognized as a warning for both sides of the aisle.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans need to understand they work for us, the people. They don’t work for their respective parties, they don’t work for the President, they work for us.

Everyone, but the Democrats in particular, need to realize the American people are tired of their lack of leadership. We want the 535 people in Washington we elected to represent us – to do our will. Not their will. Not the President’s will. Our will.

It is fairly comical watching the Democratic meltdown. They have failed. They have failed in so many ways as to almost be unbelievable. Nancy Pelosi and all the others with a (D) following their names, just cannot understand why President Trump was elected and the the reasons why the American people are subsequently tossing out everyone who has that symbol, (D), right after their name. The Democrats and liberal left simply don’t get it.

But we do. When you take a look at the cities being led by Democrats, there’s the justification as to why America is giving up on the Democratic Party. Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore are perhaps the most devastated cities in America led by – dare we say it – the Democrats. These corrupt cities are grossly mismanaged financial failures.

We see it. We realize it. We’re tired of it. We are over it.

And we don’t want to trust Democrats any longer. They have failed, they will continue to fail, and we do not want our nation to go down that path.

Obama, Lynch, Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, and Reid have damaged and tarnished our reputation over the last eight years – enough to last the rest of our lifetimes.

No more.

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Been a Hell of a Week

Well, it is happening and it is about time.

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are in the process of cleaning up America and it is a very welcome change over the damage Obama and his cronies have done to this nation.

Let there be no doubt: Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Jarret, and Holder, along with the others in the Obama administration nearly took down America. They continue to work to obtain that objective to this very moment.

President Trump should have fired Comey January 21, if not sooner on the 20th. The definition of hypocrisy has now been changed in the Webster and other dictionaries. When Comey’s letter came out before the election, all the Democrats wanted him fired, if not killed. Now that the President has in fact fired him, they have taken the completely opposite stance. Hypocrisy at its finest!

President Trump has completed much of what he said he would do once elected. It is driving the Democrats and liberal left crazy, which is absolutely entertaining for the viewing public.

Something else to keep in mind about President Trump: he is becoming successful – and more presidential – each day. Another thorn in the side of the liberal left and the democrats.

In the end, he will be successful. And his success will be the final nail in the coffin of democrat party.

Donald Trump was elected for a reason. Most Americans were tired of being screwed by both parties, and this is a warning to the Republicans – you had better get it together and soon.

We are tired of the ineptitude and President Trump is the change the American people want.

Here is a warning to both sides of the aisle: you had better start working together and getting things done or you are all going to be out of a job.

Like it or not, President Trump is the leader of the free world. His success means your success, and success for everyone. If you are fighting against him at every turn, you are – without a doubt – advocating for your own failure.

In short, you are a moron.

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Never Fly With A Democrat

This is another view from the back of the airplane. Today, many of us abhor traveling by airplane. You get onboard and there’s never enough room, there’s always too many people, and you can’t trust them, as evidenced by necessary TSA procedures. Yet, here we are, all sitting together in the same metal tube hurtling through space almost as fast as a bullet. It’s kind of insane, if you stop and think about it for a moment.

Most of us are pretty content with simply sitting while waiting to arrive at the destination. For those who are thinking, the most prevalent thought is probably, I hope this flight goes well and the pilot makes a good landing. After all, no one really wants the plane to crash.

Everyone is quite literally behind the pilot. Most are also figuratively behind him, too. If there is anything a passenger can do to help the pilot arrive safely, odds are good that most passengers will do what is within their power to make sure the flight remains safe. Almost everyone knows that if the pilot crashes, everyone dies, not just the pilot. No one is as suicidal as to hope the pilot screws up and dies.

Except maybe the Democrats onboard.

Given their record of behavior for the first month of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, more than half of all Americans around the country are fairly well convinced the democrats are suicidal. Evidently, they don’t realize that all of the Republicans, but more importantly, the majority of Independents, will never again vote for a democrat – no matter for what office they might run.

Since the beginning of President Trump’s time in office, the democrats are doing everything in their power to undermine him. Don’t they realize we are all watching? Do they not understand we see what they are doing?

For many of the Independents and Republicans, the disingenuous behavior of our democrat friends and family has reached a new, untenable low. They are truly not using common sense and have failed miserably in the area of critical thinking. For instance, take the issue of allowing refugees into the nation.

There is nothing wrong with helping others. However, it is completely unsound to allow single males between the ages of 18 and 50 into the country without serious vetting. It appears as though the democrats want it both ways – if the argument will help their position, they will go against everyone to make it happen. In this case, they will argue until everyone is allowed in. Then, after one of their loved ones is killed by an unlawful immigrant, they will attack again and cry out as to how the Republicans could allow something so atrocious to happen on American soil.

And that is what they are doing now.

They are fighting President Trump at every turn and not giving him the chance to do what is right. They are also irritated that he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do – keeping promises to the Americans who voted him into office – to do precisely what he is doing – our bidding.

They are reticent to see that the majority of us voted, not for Donald Trump, but for change. We became tired of the way they were running country into the ground. They don’t realize they are fighting for his failure and if they are successful in destroying this presidency, they will actually destroy the nation.

They need to understand we are all paying attention to what they are doing. If they crash the airplane, it will never again bode well for any democrat running for any office.

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The Silent Democrat

There is no question the health care situation needs repair. Laronda Hunter is a small business owner interviewed by Fox News this morning. The episode was almost too painful to watch. She had the opportunity to talk with Bernie Sanders about Obamacare at a townhall meeting and asked him pertinent questions about the problems created by Obamacare for small businesses.

As always, the liberal politician Sanders was speechless in answering her questions. Other than saying everyone had a right to health care, he had no other ideas regarding the cost and how to pay for it and as he put it, “I have some bad news for you…” No help, no answers, no hope or encouragement for all the small business owners in America. Typical Democrat silence.

The Democrats lack the understanding that small businesses make up 99.7 percent of all US businesses, they employ 56.8 million workers, and they create about 1.1 million new jobs each year. (https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/advocacy/United_States.pdf)

Hunter created her business about the time Obama came to power. Unfortunately, she did not have a crystal ball for guidance as to how the new president and his policies would impact her business and her employees. She committed herself to the banks and a plan that would eventually employ 100 throughout 10 stores. The impression was that for her, there was no turning.

Today, the government is forcing Hunter into paying for the healthcare of her employees. At the start, it was difficult but possible. Now with the expansion of her business and the increases in Obamacare premiums, being the owner of any small business is not as promising as it was before. In fact, many small businesses have failed because they could not pay the premiums or penalties placed on them by the Obama administration.

This is a democrat problem. They suspended common sense and rushed this legislation into law without thinking about it. Who will ever forget the insanity of Nancy Pelosi’s comment: “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it….” This is how the Democrats have been doing business for a very long time. The question many are asking is this: Is it best for America?

Most Americans think not. After all, this is the reason Republicans won the Senate, the House, and the White House.

The Democrats cannot do the job effectively. You have no further to look than the cities and regions they have traditionally controlled over the past decades. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore – all are cesspools of failing economies, drug abuse, murders, falling real estate values, and more. Few want to move to any of these communities, or others controlled by the Democrats.

As for Hunter and other small business owners, there is some hope. America elected the Republicans to combat the excessive regulation, burdensome taxes, and problems of Obamacare.

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