Never Fly With A Democrat

This is another view from the back of the airplane. Today, many of us abhor traveling by airplane. You get onboard and there’s never enough room, there’s always too many people, and you can’t trust them, as evidenced by necessary TSA procedures. Yet, here we are, all sitting together in the same metal tube hurtling through space almost as fast as a bullet. It’s kind of insane, if you stop and think about it for a moment.

Most of us are pretty content with simply sitting while waiting to arrive at the destination. For those who are thinking, the most prevalent thought is probably, I hope this flight goes well and the pilot makes a good landing. After all, no one really wants the plane to crash.

Everyone is quite literally behind the pilot. Most are also figuratively behind him, too. If there is anything a passenger can do to help the pilot arrive safely, odds are good that most passengers will do what is within their power to make sure the flight remains safe. Almost everyone knows that if the pilot crashes, everyone dies, not just the pilot. No one is as suicidal as to hope the pilot screws up and dies.

Except maybe the Democrats onboard.

Given their record of behavior for the first month of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, more than half of all Americans around the country are fairly well convinced the democrats are suicidal. Evidently, they don’t realize that all of the Republicans, but more importantly, the majority of Independents, will never again vote for a democrat – no matter for what office they might run.

Since the beginning of President Trump’s time in office, the democrats are doing everything in their power to undermine him. Don’t they realize we are all watching? Do they not understand we see what they are doing?

For many of the Independents and Republicans, the disingenuous behavior of our democrat friends and family has reached a new, untenable low. They are truly not using common sense and have failed miserably in the area of critical thinking. For instance, take the issue of allowing refugees into the nation.

There is nothing wrong with helping others. However, it is completely unsound to allow single males between the ages of 18 and 50 into the country without serious vetting. It appears as though the democrats want it both ways – if the argument will help their position, they will go against everyone to make it happen. In this case, they will argue until everyone is allowed in. Then, after one of their loved ones is killed by an unlawful immigrant, they will attack again and cry out as to how the Republicans could allow something so atrocious to happen on American soil.

And that is what they are doing now.

They are fighting President Trump at every turn and not giving him the chance to do what is right. They are also irritated that he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do – keeping promises to the Americans who voted him into office – to do precisely what he is doing – our bidding.

They are reticent to see that the majority of us voted, not for Donald Trump, but for change. We became tired of the way they were running country into the ground. They don’t realize they are fighting for his failure and if they are successful in destroying this presidency, they will actually destroy the nation.

They need to understand we are all paying attention to what they are doing. If they crash the airplane, it will never again bode well for any democrat running for any office.

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The Silent Democrat

There is no question the health care situation needs repair. Laronda Hunter is a small business owner interviewed by Fox News this morning. The episode was almost too painful to watch. She had the opportunity to talk with Bernie Sanders about Obamacare at a townhall meeting and asked him pertinent questions about the problems created by Obamacare for small businesses.

As always, the liberal politician Sanders was speechless in answering her questions. Other than saying everyone had a right to health care, he had no other ideas regarding the cost and how to pay for it and as he put it, “I have some bad news for you…” No help, no answers, no hope or encouragement for all the small business owners in America. Typical Democrat silence.

The Democrats lack the understanding that small businesses make up 99.7 percent of all US businesses, they employ 56.8 million workers, and they create about 1.1 million new jobs each year. (

Hunter created her business about the time Obama came to power. Unfortunately, she did not have a crystal ball for guidance as to how the new president and his policies would impact her business and her employees. She committed herself to the banks and a plan that would eventually employ 100 throughout 10 stores. The impression was that for her, there was no turning.

Today, the government is forcing Hunter into paying for the healthcare of her employees. At the start, it was difficult but possible. Now with the expansion of her business and the increases in Obamacare premiums, being the owner of any small business is not as promising as it was before. In fact, many small businesses have failed because they could not pay the premiums or penalties placed on them by the Obama administration.

This is a democrat problem. They suspended common sense and rushed this legislation into law without thinking about it. Who will ever forget the insanity of Nancy Pelosi’s comment: “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it….” This is how the Democrats have been doing business for a very long time. The question many are asking is this: Is it best for America?

Most Americans think not. After all, this is the reason Republicans won the Senate, the House, and the White House.

The Democrats cannot do the job effectively. You have no further to look than the cities and regions they have traditionally controlled over the past decades. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore – all are cesspools of failing economies, drug abuse, murders, falling real estate values, and more. Few want to move to any of these communities, or others controlled by the Democrats.

As for Hunter and other small business owners, there is some hope. America elected the Republicans to combat the excessive regulation, burdensome taxes, and problems of Obamacare.

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The End of An Era and A New Beginning

Today, it happens. Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States. President Obama’s time in the office is over.

Many people, probably about a half to two thirds of the nation, are very happy about this. Yes, we remain divided. Why are we so divided? And where is the division?

Through observation, many people believe President Obama increased the division. That division primarily is between black and white, the educated and the non-educated, but mainly as it has been throughout history, it is the division between the haves and the have not’s.

For the past eight years, the federal government under Obama’s direction, has been giving away benefits at an alarming rate. The people receiving these benefits have come to expect to always get subsidies. It is a part of the entitlement mentality. They want everything others who work for a living possess. There is, however, a disconnect between the logic of having what you want and working for it.

Today, the situation exists in which, those who don’t work still expect all of the benefits provided by those who do toil for a paycheck. Those who work, however, are very tired of having their money taken from them for the freeloaders.

Notice the intent of the previous paragraph. We are focusing on freeloaders, not those who genuinely need help. We are a compassionate people, but we are also citizens who despise other able-bodied people taking advantage of us.

It is time to put an end to those practices; it is time to stop those who are gaming the system.

In a nutshell, that is what President Trump will do. Much to the chagrin of the liberal freeloaders. It truly is the end of an era.

No more Obama-phones.

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Why Trump Tweets

It is amusing to watch the media’s reaction to President-elect Trump’s tweeting. They are very upset that they are unable to report breaking news from the new administration. They probably feel cheated out of their place, their right to bring the news to the public.

As much as they try to report what is happening in the new administration, they are stifled by Trump and others in the new administration. For their part, it appears those in Trump’s camp also do not want to work with the traditional newspapers and television talking heads.

In the meantime, Americans on both sides of the aisle are watching what is happening in and with the media. Things are not looking good for the reporters.


Because they have thrown in their lot with the left.

They are not reporting events as they should – unbiased, presentation of the facts. They routinely slant the news in the direction they believe the public should view the news. They probably believe the public lacks the ability to make good decisions about what is happening in the realm of current events.

One current event from this week is Hillary Clinton talking about “fake news.” Of all people to talk about the promulgation of fake news, she is one to take the cake. She is the woman who landed in Bosnia and had to run from her aircraft “under sniper fire.” Then there is the embarrassing fact that she told the world four brave men died in Benghazi due to “a YouTube video.” She knew all along that both events, as well as others reported by her press machine, were lies.

She, along with others of the left such as Brian Williams, have left a very bad taste in the mouths of many. When the facts of an event are well known and they left-leaning mainstream media reports otherwise are an affront to everyone with common sense and the ability to see the truth.

It is amusing to watch the left deal with irrefutable facts.

So now the White House press corps is freaking out by the fact they may very well be kicked out of the loop. As we watch what is happening in Washington, most of us down here in the trenches are not surprised.

If the press keeps reporting the news in the biased manner as they have in the past, how can anyone blame Trump for connecting directly with the public through Twitter. At least we will get the honest word.

Tweet away, Mr. Trump!

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Why Trump Won

Across America, liberals are losing their minds. They are having a hard time realizing that Donald Trump won the presidency. Many are asking, “How could this happen?”

This is how it happened.

The liberal plan, combined with policies, agendas, regulation, increases in government, higher taxes, increased debt, political correctness, and more, finally reached an unsustainable point. Americans throughout the land finally decided enough was enough. So, the silent majority spoke. Loudly.

Additionally, the liberals were lied to. They were misinformed. By whom, you ask? The NY Times and many other newspapers, all but two polling companies, and the talking heads of many television networks. The DNC’s own internal polling was so off as to almost be laughable – however – they wanted to believe Hillary would be elected so badly no one, not one of them, questioned the numbers.

Back in June 2016, I began talking about how Donald Trump was going to win this election in a landslide. I documented my views in a Facebook conversation with an old high school friend on September 6. Now we are on the cusp of the final electoral vote count totaling more than 300 for the new president.

One of the reasons the polling numbers was so off is that the pollsters did not do their jobs right. For one, they were pulling for Clinton and they allowed their polling to be skewed by their emotions. Only two polls, the LA Times and Investor’s Business Daily, correctly predicted the winner. Additionally, they were the only polls that treated all candidates equally and fairly. Because all the other polling concerns injected bias into their polling, every one of them missed the mark.

Another important aspect of the polling is that many “silent Trump supporters” refused to talk to the pollsters. Why? Because of the threat of violence from the Clinton factions. This is a very sad testament for how far the liberals have gone. When good people keep their tongues because the liberals are borderline criminal – well – that does not bode well for the liberals or the nation.

A parallel to this is the lack of Trump bumper stickers. When a person feels as though their car is going to be keyed or damaged because of their political views, well, that is just not right. Those who would do such things need to be discovered, they need to be exposed, they need to be arrested, and they need to be prosecuted. Then they need to pay restitution and go to jail.

Not everyone in the Clinton support group would go out to commit the atrocities we are seeing in the news today. Most of those rioting (and yes, it is rioting and not demonstrating) are millennials. They truly are crybabies who think that if they scream loudly and behave badly, they are going to get their way. After all, they thought they were going to get their way all along because that is what the newspapers and other media told them.

The NY Times was the leader of newspapers turning out a false narrative of Clinton as the next president. The Gray Lady has lost her place as “the newspaper of record” for the United States. Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., publisher of the NYT, had to admit defeat in their reporting of election news. Although not admitted, like so many newspapers and other media outlets, they must also admit to bias for Clinton and the fact that their news coverage was slanted in a manner to help her obtain the White House.

There was only one problem – the majority of Americans have had enough and they voted their discontent with the academic, media, and political elites that make up a group of people who believe they “know what is best” for the “ignorant and uneducated” masses.

They, the media and pollsters, got it completely wrong and consequently have lost all credibility with the people. This will mean lost revenues as many are canceling their subscriptions to various news sources. This has a trickle-down effect on those organizations as advertisers decide there is not enough of a reason to purchase ads and the advertising revenues start to dry up.

The action of the liberals is appalling. After Clinton claimed that anyone who would not accept the results of a fair election was a “threat to democracy.” Isn’t it ironic that she is in that very position? So far, with riots in the streets of too many American cities, not a word has come from the Clinton Camp or Obama.

Funny, I don’t remember the Republicans or conservatives behaving in this way when Obama won in 2008 and 2012…

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Writing Right

Each day that passes, I become more convinced the media is suffering corruption to the degree almost any intelligent American would admit to, and that many unintelligent Americans will ever know. We are sincerely in trouble in that someone passed the watchdog a large slab of steak, the dog ate it, and he is now peacefully sleeping, chained next to the doghouse. In the meantime, the citizens of the nation are in trouble and no one is watching out for us.

In a previous lifetime, I worked as a legitimate, bona fide, credentialed journalist. My time as a reporter came to a rather quick end when the publisher of the newspaper that employed me told me to falsify a story. I told her to pack sand and if she wanted it written the way she was trying to deceive the local community, she would damn well have to write it herself. Then I gave two weeks’ notice and never had an inclination to return to the field of newspaper writing.

Because of what I did, walking off the job the way I did, many have said I have integrity. It is something that I see as lacking in the industry today. In fact, so much so I no longer contribute to the journalism school at my alma mater. I feel as though they no longer teach that one really important concept required to write about the news: objectivity.

The whole point of news reporting is to – report the news. A reporter should…report the facts. Those facts should be given to the reader or viewer and it should be up to that person to decide the validity of the facts and apply them as they see fit to their lives.

Unfortunately, today’s reporters editorialize the news before presenting it to the consumers. I remember having my ass chewed for doing that in journalism school. I guess they don’t teach that anymore. I am appalled by the media doing everything they can to help Clinton in her election bid while putting Trump in the worst light possible.

Here’s the thing, however. It is not working. If you take a look at other indicators, Trump is slamming Clinton into the dirt. In public appearances, online presence, and public perceptions, Trump is winning. And not just by the measly margins reported by the media.

I predict that Trump is going to win in November. And not by just a little. It is going to be a landslide victory because that is what the people want. The Americans voiced that opinion a long time ago when Trump started the long trek to the White House. What is going to be interesting on November 8, is watching the print reporters and broadcast talking heads spin Hillary’s loss.

And then it will be interesting to see how the journalists will explain their lack of proper reporting for the last eight years.


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The View From the Bottom

The view from the bottom, also known as the trenches, is very interesting these days. Reporting by the media is very dismal. For those of us in the rank and file, we’re keeping an eye on what is happening and most of us are dismayed at what we are seeing. We no longer have faith in the media – broadcast or print.

It is interesting to read or listen to the liberal media championing Clinton and tearing Trump apart. There are many who believe they (reporters and talking heads) are not doing their jobs. They are not reporting. They are trying to influence voting. They really want a Clinton in the White House again.

Can Clinton win the election?

It is an interesting question. Everyone knows she lied, yet many still support her. You have to ask the really important question, why? Are those who support Clinton blatantly ignorant or uneducated? Do they fail to realize the dangers she poses to the United States? Are they paying attention?

Surely, the Clinton team hopes they aren’t paying attention and this is where the media is complicit in lying to America: reporters, writers, and newscasters are not reporting fairly on what is happening in the country.

What is happening? A change…

And the news media and pollsters are missing it.

They are slanting the news the way they wish it to be. They aren’t talking to the people, they aren’t listening to discussions from around the land. If they did, they would probably realize that what they are reporting is very weak, devoid of fact, and lacking the reflection of the people.

The media, all the reporters and writers, will more than likely be surprised on November 8. While they keep touting a Clinton victory, they are not paying attention to the people. Many Americans have refused to take part in polls taking away credibility of the polls.

The people are pissed. They are tired of a government taking care of foreigners before our own. They are mad about spending money we don’t have on programs that benefit other countries before ours. Americans are over being fearful of what might happen to them the next time they go out to the mall, a sporting event, or church. They can’t believe the present administration is going to allow refugees into the country without proper vetting. We’re tired with the Obama-Clinton machine creating divisiveness among us.

And that is something the mainstream media has failed to report. This is what will propel Donald Trump into the White House.

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