Writing Right

Each day that passes, I become more convinced the media is suffering corruption to the degree almost any intelligent American would admit to, and that many unintelligent Americans will ever know. We are sincerely in trouble in that someone passed the watchdog a large slab of steak, the dog ate it, and he is now peacefully sleeping, chained next to the doghouse. In the meantime, the citizens of the nation are in trouble and no one is watching out for us.

In a previous lifetime, I worked as a legitimate, bona fide, credentialed journalist. My time as a reporter came to a rather quick end when the publisher of the newspaper that employed me told me to falsify a story. I told her to pack sand and if she wanted it written the way she was trying to deceive the local community, she would damn well have to write it herself. Then I gave two weeks’ notice and never had an inclination to return to the field of newspaper writing.

Because of what I did, walking off the job the way I did, many have said I have integrity. It is something that I see as lacking in the industry today. In fact, so much so I no longer contribute to the journalism school at my alma mater. I feel as though they no longer teach that one really important concept required to write about the news: objectivity.

The whole point of news reporting is to – report the news. A reporter should…report the facts. Those facts should be given to the reader or viewer and it should be up to that person to decide the validity of the facts and apply them as they see fit to their lives.

Unfortunately, today’s reporters editorialize the news before presenting it to the consumers. I remember having my ass chewed for doing that in journalism school. I guess they don’t teach that anymore. I am appalled by the media doing everything they can to help Clinton in her election bid while putting Trump in the worst light possible.

Here’s the thing, however. It is not working. If you take a look at other indicators, Trump is slamming Clinton into the dirt. In public appearances, online presence, and public perceptions, Trump is winning. And not just by the measly margins reported by the media.

I predict that Trump is going to win in November. And not by just a little. It is going to be a landslide victory because that is what the people want. The Americans voiced that opinion a long time ago when Trump started the long trek to the White House. What is going to be interesting on November 8, is watching the print reporters and broadcast talking heads spin Hillary’s loss.

And then it will be interesting to see how the journalists will explain their lack of proper reporting for the last eight years.


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The View From the Bottom

The view from the bottom, also known as the trenches, is very interesting these days. Reporting by the media is very dismal. For those of us in the rank and file, we’re keeping an eye on what is happening and most of us are dismayed at what we are seeing. We no longer have faith in the media – broadcast or print.

It is interesting to read or listen to the liberal media championing Clinton and tearing Trump apart. There are many who believe they (reporters and talking heads) are not doing their jobs. They are not reporting. They are trying to influence voting. They really want a Clinton in the White House again.

Can Clinton win the election?

It is an interesting question. Everyone knows she lied, yet many still support her. You have to ask the really important question, why? Are those who support Clinton blatantly ignorant or uneducated? Do they fail to realize the dangers she poses to the United States? Are they paying attention?

Surely, the Clinton team hopes they aren’t paying attention and this is where the media is complicit in lying to America: reporters, writers, and newscasters are not reporting fairly on what is happening in the country.

What is happening? A change…

And the news media and pollsters are missing it.

They are slanting the news the way they wish it to be. They aren’t talking to the people, they aren’t listening to discussions from around the land. If they did, they would probably realize that what they are reporting is very weak, devoid of fact, and lacking the reflection of the people.

The media, all the reporters and writers, will more than likely be surprised on November 8. While they keep touting a Clinton victory, they are not paying attention to the people. Many Americans have refused to take part in polls taking away credibility of the polls.

The people are pissed. They are tired of a government taking care of foreigners before our own. They are mad about spending money we don’t have on programs that benefit other countries before ours. Americans are over being fearful of what might happen to them the next time they go out to the mall, a sporting event, or church. They can’t believe the present administration is going to allow refugees into the country without proper vetting. We’re tired with the Obama-Clinton machine creating divisiveness among us.

And that is something the mainstream media has failed to report. This is what will propel Donald Trump into the White House.

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Here It Comes

So here we are, both conventions are over, each candidate got their bumps and now we move into the late summer and fall. Closer to November. It is time to move on.

In January, someone will be elected president. If you are happy with the past seven and a half years, with its weak GDP growth, the doubling of the national debt, the rise of ISIS, have a total disregard for our rights, if you’re happy giving money to refugees instead of our veterans, you are probably going to vote democratic.

On the other hand, if you are looking for growth, a financial rebound, less regulation of small businesses, safety and security, freedom from terrorism and attacks by lone wolf jihadists, you are probably going to vote for the republicans.

As one watching the fireworks from the trenches, the choice is interesting.

Anyone voting for Clinton for the purpose of electing the first female president is truly making a big mistake.

If you think the democrats are going to keep you safe, you are mistaken. Over the past years of democratic leadership, our security, even our sense of security, has gone down the toilet.

Clinton is the prime reason why we are in such a mess in the Middle East. She, John Kerry, and Obama gave away all of our security when they brokered the nuclear deal with Iran. Many Americans have not slept well since the deal went down. Those who have slept well are completely clueless or haven’t been paying attention. Obviously they have no concern for the safety of their children or grandchildren.

Something else for which they have no concern for the future generations is national debt. Our kids and their children are reaching a point at which they will never be able to payoff the sins of the parents, as long as those parents keep voting democratic.

If Clinton wins, my prediction is that the economy will completely collapse.


Because many of us are tired of the abuse and we’re just going to give up. Rather than paying into a fraudulent system that continues to steal from the producers and give to those gaming the system, many are going to quit their jobs and/or shut down their businesses and join the slacking masses. They will start collecting unemployment, food stamps, and more. The result will be a slow and painful collapse of the economic system.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Right?

Think about it – this is probably a reality with Clinton winning the White House, because she can’t pay for everything she has promised.

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Over the past couple of days, the news has carried video after video of Clinton bashing Trump and questioning whether or not he can be trusted with his finger on the button. She called him unpredictable and dangerous, among a few other things.

Seriously? Can she ask such questions?

Is she not the woman who let our ambassador die with three former SEALs in Benghazi? Is this not the woman who lacks technical expertise to properly use email software? Isn’t she the one who was caught in lie after lie after lie? Isn’t this the politician whose list of accomplishments can be divided by zero.

She said Donald Trump is unfit to be the President of the United States. She spoke about how he would jeopardize the safety of all Americans. As one of the phrases I have heard a time or two, “Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.”

Seriously, if anyone thinks the democrats are good for the country, they should have their heads examined. Over the past eight years, the democrats have increased taxes, increased governmental regulations, decimated our military, and made this once great nation the laughing stock of the world.

The reason for Trump’s success is simple enough: he has focused on the failure of the democrats to lead. He has harnessed the discontent of Americans who feel as though the democrats are leading us down a path of destruction. No, seriously, Hillary shouldn’t be asking those kinds of questions.

It brings to light too many of her own shortcomings…

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A Sign of Times to Come

As I was exiting the parking garage, the attendant gave me a warning. While looking for a five dollar bill to pay for the time my car occupied a space, he said, “Just to let you know, we won’t be taking cash after this month.”

I looked up at him quizzically and he explained, “They have given all of us notice – they’re replacing us with automated machines that will only take credit cards.”

“Well that’s kind of rough,” I said. “Did they give you enough time to find another job? Have you found something else?”

“Naw, not yet.”

“What kind of job are you going to look for?” I asked. “Do you think you’re going to find work fairly soon?”

“I don’t know,” the attendant stated. “The good Lord got me this job the last time this happened, He will get me something else soon enough.”

I felt for him. There are so many people in the same situation today. This is why you have to have some cash in reserve to make that jump from one job to the next, regardless if you initiated the move or it was forced on you by circumstance.

This is one of the good reasons why you should consider starting your own business. If your imagination can come up with something that you can do to bring in extra income while you are working, you can bank it away and prepare for situations that may happen to you, just as what happened to the garage attendant.

And, if you are fortunate enough to make enough money with your business to pay all of your bills, you won’t have to worry about losing your job.

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Alzheimer’s is no laughing matter

Will Ferrell is going to do a “dementia comedy.” There is nothing funny about dementia and what it develops into.

“It’s a little more elevated — it’s a smarter political comedy and Will Ferrell is doing a Reagan impression, but it’s not a Saturday Night Live impression,” said Matthew Belloni, a writer for the Hollywood Reporter.

I believe Will Ferrell is truly screwing up.

Of course, you would expect the Reagan family to be outraged – and rightly so. What I think Ferrell has overlooked and will cost him dearly is the fact that 5.4 million Americans are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s. Ferrell really needs to ask himself how the families and relatives of those 5.4 million will react to this movie and his work.

Many cannot believe Ferrell would be so cruel and insensitive. And that is how many are seeing his actions – as very insensitive, as very cruel. Obviously, the ravages of this horrible disease have not personally touched him.

The ravages and reality of dementia and Alzheimer’s have touched me. It is happening in our family right now. I cannot begin to tell you how horrible living with this disease is. Memories are robbed, loved ones not recognized, victims are no longer vibrant and purpose is lost. One day seems exactly like the last and the day after tomorrow will also be the same.

When Ferrell counts his nickels and dimes at the end of the year, he can bet he will not find one cent of my hard-earned money in his profits. I’m done spending my money on any project of which he is involved. I believe anyone else who has suffered through a loved one’s travails with Alzheimer’s will hold a very similar stance.


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It Is Time To Wake Up

Well, it has happened again. Innocent individuals killed in a “gun free zone.” America! It is time to wake up. If the liberals and the democrats have their way, they are going to kill us all.

Every aspect of the liberal’s gun arguments have turned out false. And this is not from NRA talking points or Fox News, as the liberals would have you believe. These are facts that the liberal’s lapdog mainstream media refuse to report. The truth is the democrats and liberals do not want this information out. Unfortunately, these are researchable, irrefutable, absolute facts.

According to CNSNews.com, in 2014, 389 people were shot and killed in Chicago. As reported by the latest report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the seven top cities for gun deaths include Los Angeles (1), Chicago (2), Detroit (3), Houston (4), Atlanta (5), Miami (6), and Baltimore (7). These are facts, facts the libs and dems don’t want to acknowledge.

Here is another fact. Each of the cities listed above have democratic leadership and have been for over the past several decades. These are more facts the mainstream media conveniently continues to forget to report.

Here are more facts.

Gun ownership prevents crime. All kinds of crime. As reported by http://www.gunfacts.info/, concealed carry holders prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes each year. Often, these good citizens do not fire their weapons; it is the mere presence of a legally concealed weapon suddenly drawn out by a law-abiding concealed carry holder that foils crimes. That is more than 6800 crimes per day. This is another conveniently unreported fact.

In 1982, the community of Kennesaw, GA passed an ordinance requiring head of households to own and maintain weapons. After the law passed, crime against individuals fell 74 percent in the first year. It fell another 45 percent in the following year. As has been noted by many, the mere presence of a gun deters crime, improving safety and security in general.

As reported in the Report from the Crime Prevention Research Center in a document titled Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States issued last July, the murder rate in the U.S. is dropping due to the increase in concealed carry permits. Murder rates have fallen from 5.6 to 4.4 per 100,000 in population. The authors determined that for every percent in an increase of those who elect to carry concealed, there is a 1.4 percent decrease in murders.

The deduction is obvious: criminals fear those who may be legally carrying and therefore, they choose those “gun free zones” to carry out their crimes and murders.

More guns in the hands of concerned, law-abiding people stop crime. This is another fact the liberals and the democrats wish you to either ignore, or better yet, prefer the press fail to report.

It is time for us to eliminate America’s killing zones. We have to eliminate the gun free zones, we have to increase the abilities of law-abiding citizens to carry, and we need to vote the democrats and liberals out of office.


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